Teen pregnancy pact has 17 girls expecting

I just read a disturbing article and also saw the story on the news. 17 MA girls, all under 16, are pregnant at the same time. They girls in the school made a pact to get pregnant so they could “raise their babies together”. Lets look at this picture though. Yes we know kids are having sex at younger ages, but this is totally different. The school did 150 pregnancy tests. Did you read that 150! That means that there were even more girls who wanted to get pregnant. They were having sex with random people and one of them with a homeless guy just so they could raise their babies together.

Did you know that not 2006 was the first year of an increase in the pregnancy rate in teens since 1991? Teen pregnancy is increasing for the first time when the years previous it was declining.

Why is this. Sure the world has a ton of problems. Christianity is getting a bad wrap so therfore God and His hope does too. The idea of family has been twisted so kids think sex is something that can be done outside of marraige with no consequences. Teens think that because they don’t have a dad or their parents are gay that that’s ok.

The bible talks a ton about the model for family and we are missing that in the world today.

The church needs to step up. not to call people out for being like this, but to show the hope of Christ.

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.



10 responses to “Teen pregnancy pact has 17 girls expecting”

  1. seenoevilonline Avatar

    This is very sad. Thank you for posting on your blog and beinging awareness to the issue.

  2. transitionpete Avatar

    double yikes!!!
    (my last comment had a bad URL) 😉

  3. lori Avatar

    what a powerful video. it’s humbling to see what we have done…to each other and to the world He created for us.

    these teen pregnancies are not a sign of the times, or a cause. they are a cry for help from a generation. we need to change.

  4. Tyler Avatar

    wow, interesting. thanks for sharing man.

  5. sammm1777 Avatar

    i just read this on foxnews as well. there definately needs to be some educating across the board and from the pulpit as well.


  6. T Avatar

    Ha! I blogged about the same thing. Crazy!

  7. holland davis Avatar

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  8. Billy Chia Avatar

    I’ll go for triple yikes!!! blah, what a sad, sad story.

    And what’s up with spammy mr. Davis there? This is like the 3rd comment I’ve left on a blog right after one of his comments.

  9. klampert Avatar

    I totally agree with all the comments…this is some scary stuff.

    Billy HA HA..spammy mr davis. lol

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