Flip Video Ultra showed up

I just got the Flip video Ultra in the mail via amazon. This little thing is the 60 min video recording USB device. They just came out with a newer model, the mino. Which is a little thinner and has rewind, but I got the Ultra for less than $120. Let me tell you it is packaged like a mac. Clean and pretty. Yes I said pretty. And it works like a charm. It even lets you upload direct to your Youtube account. Very cool.

I hope to bring some video of our services to you guys soon. GO GET ONE!


5 responses to “Flip Video Ultra showed up”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    got one. filmed the willow creek arts opener with it. i have the ultra not the mino. love that thing. works so great. easy to carry around.

  2. klampert Avatar

    yeah man…i saw your video…i had been on the fence but seeing all the examples of it not getting distorted with volumes like that I had to jump on it

  3. Alastair Vance Avatar

    Dude, how did you get it for under $120, when on the site they start at $149? Do tell.

  4. klampert Avatar

    amazon…the model in white flip ultra is $118. 🙂

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