I am 91% addicted

I did this quiz a long time ago and I recently saw it on Tam’s site so I thought I’d give it a go again.

How bout you give it a try…post your numbers in the comments.


7 responses to “I am 91% addicted”

  1. tam Avatar

    you got the cute little pic.

    no fair.

  2. […] saw this post over at CECWorship about being ‘91% addicted‘ so I thought I would give it a go […]

  3. klampert Avatar

    wordpress.com you cant use HTML like that…doesnt work..

    I used print screen and dropped it into photoshop

  4. liz Avatar

    A mere 75% for me

  5. joannmski Avatar

    55%. Phew.

  6. tam Avatar

    “I used print screen and dropped it into photoshop”



  7. Darla Avatar

    83% for me! 😆

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