Amazing Grace? I think…

too funny. Amazing grace (chains are gone) Tomlin version ht:scot




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5 responses to “Amazing Grace? I think…”

  1. Scot Longyear Avatar

    Hey Joel,

    Thanks for the link love :>

    Great site.


  2. brandy Avatar

    That was awesome!! heehee
    The boys watched it with me. Right now as I type this they are BEGGING to hear it again. Begging means demanding. 😉

  3. klampert Avatar

    its a cute video and i can totally see how that song sounds like what she said. My boys have similar lyrics for other songs…I should record them. lol

  4. tam Avatar

    remember eric claptons “lay down sally”? when i was 8 yrs old i used to love that song but thought he said “lay down salad”. i remember thinking, why on earth would you want a salad to lay down? and why is he talking to lettuce? and HOW can you lay down a salad? it really stressed me out!

  5. worship1 Avatar

    Thanks for the post. She is so sweet… gotta love it. I remember doing the same thing with the pledge of allegiance when I was a child. I don’t think I began to understand what I was saying until the 6th grade when our teacher was kind enough to explain and define the words for us.

    This is a wake up call and a great lesson to us singers… I’ve heard so many popular worship leaders that are singing so muffled that the words are barely discernible. We need to be careful to sing the words with proper diction or we might invite some poor child to sing something they could get a swat for, or more important, inadvertently misrepresent the gospel in someone’s ears…. yikes!

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