Did you know I did comics?

That’s right I used to be in the comic book industry. I loved it, but there was absolutly no way to make a living in that business without being a bigwig so I had to move on to other things. I will tell you some of the new things I will do with art soon. Here are some of my old concept art.


10 responses to “Did you know I did comics?”

  1. inWorship Avatar

    I am going to have to have you draw me a skull when I get a tattoo 🙂

  2. portorikan Avatar

    you worked for Marvel? That’s cool.

  3. klampert Avatar

    ha no i didnt, but i did get contracted out to draw marvel and DC stuff for magazines

    I worked mostly for independant comic companies

  4. murphy24p Avatar

    COOL!!! Could you draw me as a really tough looking guy with a video camera as a weapon??? hahhaha

  5. Amy Avatar

    How did you get that picture of me with the gun?

  6. mandythompson Avatar

    interesting and scary all at the same time!

  7. kim Avatar

    dude! flaming skull AND a midriff?

    [sound of frames of reference crashing left and right]

  8. saintlewis Avatar

    Good stuff! I actually wrote the story-line for a comic book for a while, but we never published. My artist was none other than the now famous Paul Hornschemeier. I was his ‘honorary big brother’ at the time. We were publishing it in installments in our local newspaper, but they pulled us after they felt the storyline grew a bit ‘too violent’. Pansies.

  9. tam Avatar

    that 2nd one looks just like me.



    no it doesn’t.

    stop judging me!

  10. Steve Avatar


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