Rowan Atkinson Amazing Jesus

Some may find it offensive…I just think it’s funny. Rowan is my favorite. I have the Mr. Bean box set. 🙂



7 responses to “Rowan Atkinson Amazing Jesus”

  1. mandoron Avatar

    I find it funny. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brandy Avatar

    I found it hilarious! HA!!

  3. human3rror Avatar


    Great blog design Joel! Thanks for the follow on Twitter.

    Also, have always been wondering about pownce vs. twitter… I’ve been a pownce owner a lot longer but due to rampant use of twitter, i switched because of the size of the network.


    Pownce is so much better…

  4. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Rowan is a genius. Have you ever seen Black Adder? That puts all his other work to shame.

  5. klampert Avatar

    @shannon black adder was brilliant. I love all his stuff

    @human3rror Hey man…thanks for coming by. I love your new design man . its great. Lets see if pownce catches up

    @brandy lol…gload ya liked it

    @mandoron. thanks for the link buddy

  6. Chris Moncus Avatar

    Dude. I just got the Black Adder boxed set. Hilarious.

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