Phil Keaggy: Ebow Master

I have an ebow plus and love it. I so wish I could even play 1/4 as good as this.



8 responses to “Phil Keaggy: Ebow Master”

  1. lori Avatar

    I’ll just take up scrap booking now.

    The guy’s a one man orchestra…amazing.

  2. inWorship Avatar


  3. Matt Avatar

    He’s amazing.

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  5. portorikan Avatar

    freakin’ amazing. Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Matthew Avatar

    Keep practicing!
    What he plays isn’t really that difficult. Mostly the effects he is using make it sound like he is doing ten times more than he is.

    That said….it still sounds amazing.

  8. human3rror Avatar

    Thanks man! Appreciate it. I tried to lighten it up a bit…

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