Pentecost: Happy Birthday church!!

Yesterday was mother’s day and while that was awesome and we had a great time honoring my wife, it was another important day. Pentecost.

I read something like 150 or so blogs and I’ve gotta tell ya I don’t think I saw that word anywhere. Then I went searching for videos to use in the service on sunday and worshiphousemedia, bluefish and the others had nothing with that topic.

I’ve gotta ask why?

This was the day the Holy spirit fell and the church began. If you get a chance go read acts. It was amazing and we should be celebrating the Glory of God in it.


9 responses to “Pentecost: Happy Birthday church!!”

  1. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    I’ll be blogging it … we certainly knew it was Pentecost – David preached one of the best teachings I’ve ever heard on “being filled with the Holy Spirit”. Wow, it was amazing.

  2. klampert Avatar

    Fred…Awesome…can’t wait to read it.

  3. joannmski Avatar

    I linked to you! (Maybe I lost this comment trying to post it earlier, or maybe you have banned me).

  4. amoslanka Avatar

    amen, friend 🙂

  5. stephen barry Avatar

    I’m not sure. I don’t have any answers, except to say that I think the contemporary church generally neglects much of the Christian “calendar.” I noticed that same thing.

  6. Bobby Gilles Avatar

    Yeah, I blogged about a suggested reading for Pentecost and suggested song on Saturday, and got a small scattering of people to the site who searched for Pentecost. Then the next day I posted a Mother’s Day column with song for Mother’s Day, and got tons of hits.

    Not to disparage Mother’s Day at all — but we in the modern American Church should cultivate more of an awareness of the Christian Year.

  7. klampert Avatar

    @Amoslanka: Dude…welcome to the site..I went to yours . great design work!

    @snow: AHHHH!

    @Stephen: I am all about modern..but i agree with you…there is still some historic that is valid.

    @bobby: actually bobby you did…and I have no clue why i didnt mention that. It was a great post and those are interesting stats.

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