Anti-fat arse: day 1 (beer gut)

So I have been thinking of starting to become a beer drinker. I don’t normally drink not because of religious reasons, but cus I think it tastes like crap. So why am I thinking of starting to drink beer. Simple…

Beer gut justification. Thats right. I need some way to justify having a beer gut when I don’t even drink beer.

So it’s day one of the “no more fat arse people in ministry weight loss challenge”. I just lost 300 calories typing that.

I’m starting with a detox diet. No carbs High protein and before every meal 8 ounces of cranberry juice mixed with water. No that is not tasty. You are suppose to kick start the day with some warm lemon water. I think I will try that tomorrow.

So I know some of you are jumping in on this and you can do it anyway you want. Use the banner and let me know what you are doing.


7 responses to “Anti-fat arse: day 1 (beer gut)”

  1. Jaybrams Avatar

    i can’t decide if that is male-butt cleavage or busty-porn woman cleavage….

    so i will NOT add it to my page…

    maybe add a few stray arse hairs or something.. make it manly.

  2. klampert Avatar

    dude…that is plumbers crack…

    and adding hairs means eliminating hairless booty people

  3. inWorship Avatar

    “and adding hairs means eliminating hairless booty people”


  4. tam Avatar

    “I think I will try that tomorrow.”

    already procrastinating?


  5. Deborah Avatar

    Ok, I’ve started this about a month ago, but I’ll keep up with ya. I do NOT want to belong to this club anymore!!!! LOL…hairless booty? I thought that was for 12 and under…..

  6. liz Avatar

    Joel — Good luck!! My sister-in-law did fat flush and had a great deal of success with it. I personally think the watered down 100% cranberry juice tastes nasty.

    Look forward to the updates!

  7. Janna Avatar

    good luck! you can do it!!! I love the logos for this they crack me up!

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