National Day of Prayer: Shift Set list

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. How many of you guys are doing this in your church or community?

Well we are. We have many churches invited and 5 churches have put the event together. It is tomorrow night at 7pm so keep it in your prayers.

I am extremely excited about this event for unity sake. I can’t wait to get that many denominations in one room to celebrate that we are “one” church.

Also my multi church worship band Shift will be leading worship. This will be the first public unveiling of the band so keep that in prayer also.

Here is the set List for the night:

  1. Everlasting God: Brown
  2. Blessed Be Your Name: Redman
  3. Mighty To Save: Hillsong
  4. How He Loves: Jesus Culture version
  5. How Deep the Fathers Love: modern hymn
  6. Amazing Grace: Tomlin chains are gone version
  7. All Creatures in key of A with O Praise him vamp
  8. How Great is Our God/How Great thou art: Tomlin/trad.

Did I mention we are playing my new favorite song HOW HE LOVES…ah yeah baby.


8 responses to “National Day of Prayer: Shift Set list”

  1. fmckinnon Avatar

    hey man, we are doing it too – at noon and 7:00 PM, and we’re the host facility – only the folks around here seem to be really scattered, as of 11:40 AM the day-before, I still don’t have any idea what the order of service will look like.

  2. lori Avatar

    I am so ready for this event! Not just for the worship, not just for the multi-church unified band, but for the unification of the whole island, the power of prayer, the power of seeing what can be done in one small place and the opportunity for it to spread…for lives to be touched, for hearts to be opened to the power of change within us, and through us by the power, grace and mercy of God!….ok…so i think i’m ready now!

  3. liz Avatar

    Wish I could be there to see Shift perform — It’s going to be an awesome event.

    (You might, however, want to consider telling Shift member that it’s in poor form to take a day off work for National Day of Prayer, but refuse to do so when his wife asks him to spend time with his family…) 🙂

    I’ll be thinking of you all and praying for you!!

  4. Steve Avatar

    Can’t wait dude.

  5. Janna Avatar

    I’m going. Not at noon though only at 7. This is going to be something unlike I have ever experienced! Good choice in songs. I love your favorite song too! Cause we all know… Jesus Rocks! Take it easy See you there!

  6. snowjunkie Avatar

    All the best tonight with the band Joel.

  7. lori Avatar

    it was amazing…simply amazing

  8. stmichaelsspark Avatar

    i agree with lori…….amazing

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