I lost an eye

Is it just me or does this verse freak you out?

8 “If your hand or your foot gets in the way of God, chop it off and throw it away. You’re better off maimed or lame and alive than the proud owners of two hands and two feet, godless in a furnace of eternal fire. 9 And if your eye distracts you from God, pull it out and throw it away. You’re better off one-eyed and alive than exercising your twenty-twenty vision from inside the fire of hell. Matthew 18:8-9

I was thinking about this the other day. So I lie, I get too angry, I lust, I hurt, I use my feet and walk into situations that are not good and my hands. Are you there also? I’m not perfect.
Seems that if I took this literally I would be walking around with no eyes, feet, hands, or tongue.

Thank God His grace is perfect.


5 responses to “I lost an eye”

  1. Brian O'Neill Avatar
    Brian O’Neill

    if we took that literally, we would end up as half a torso, and still find ways to sin. That’s the depravity of man.

    But on a different theme, just think that we are covered by His blood

  2. jonolan Avatar

    Still better than an eternity roasting in Hell though. 😉

  3. tam Avatar

    jonolan – good point!

    Yah Klampert – a little freaky!

    Praising Him for grace and mercy and the sacrifice for all right now 😉

  4. lori Avatar

    Yep, lost an eye, an arm and a foot. Good news is God makes all things new; Joel didn’t you mention that to me not too long ago? So the eye, arm and foot are all growing back!

  5. dwpoyner Avatar

    I think this speaks to the severity of sin. We treat it so lightly sometimes, but this is really how we should look at it. Thank God that Christ could take our punishment! Without Him, imagine where we’d be!

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