Coming soon to CECWorship

Here are some things you can expect very soon from me:

Reviews on:


  • Contemplative Youth Ministry – Mark Yaconelli
  • A New Kind of Youth Ministry – Folmsbee
  • Growing Souls – Mark Yaconelli
  • The irresistible Revolution – Claiborne
  • Pop Goes the Church – Tim Stevens
  • Worship Matters – Bob Kauflin

Music – New or coming soon from

  • Alvin Slaughter
  • Jared Anderson
  • Joel Auge’
  • Gateway Worship
  • Kathryn Scott

Thoughts on:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Emergent Church
  • Alternative Worship
  • Contemplative Services
  • Communion
  • Church 2.0



4 responses to “Coming soon to CECWorship”

  1. mudpuppy Avatar

    Couple of those books are on my to-read list. Looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Some good discussions coming up. BTW, thanks for the comment on FB. THis week is MAAAAADDDDD busy for me, let’s look at a day next week.

  3. Mark Alves Avatar

    You’re on fire – keep it up!

  4. amester Avatar

    bring it on-I am really psyched about next week!

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