King of Glory


The King of Glory comes
The nation rejoices
Open the gates before him
Lift up your voices
Who is this King of Glory?
How shall we call him?
He is Emanuel, the promised of ages


7 responses to “King of Glory”

  1. lori Avatar


    You’re not going to do that on Sunday are you???

  2. Alan M. Avatar
    Alan M.

    dude…my mother-in-law found this clip a while back and i watch it at least once a week just to laugh!

  3. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    Very nice – gotta add that one to my setlist!

  4. mandoron Avatar

    Um. That was interesting.

  5. tam Avatar

    1 word


  6. Bobby Gilles Avatar

    Oh. Oh, my.

    This made me choke on a mouthful of coffee. But now I can’t wait to send my friends here …

  7. snowjunkie Avatar

    The end is disturbing.

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