WorshipCity has a boy!

Woohoo. Thanks to twitter…we know

Conner and his wife Rae just had a baby minutes ago. Of course he stole my boys name…

8lbs 2oz and 21″ long! Gavin Conner Byrd has arrived!!

Awesome news and congrats big guy.


2 responses to “WorshipCity has a boy!”

  1. WorshipCity Avatar

    Oh man thanks for the encouragement/support/love! Looking back on today’s happenings it is great to see all of that from everyone. It’s so great!

    And how could I not steal it? It’s a great name 🙂
    Honestly, its the name Chloe would have been if she’d been a girl! Funny thing is that I’ve had Machine Head stuck in my head all day!! BREATHE IN, BREATH OUT! BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT! HAHAHA

  2. tam Avatar

    CONGRATS!!! wow! thats a big boy!

    Great name!

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