UK Church of the Jedi…hmm

I saw this somewhere and this is really some wild stuff. I once went to a shrine to a sun god. I also went to a monkey god temple, but church of the Jedi…WOW!
They say Lucas is a prophet.

how about these teachings:

– Technology (Electronics, Computing, Innovating)
– Exercise and Healthy Living (food, lifestyle, Personal Finance Management)
– Naturalist (Survival, Ecological Conservation)
– Personal Thought Control (Positive Use Of Language, Mind Development)
– Religion Theory (Understanding of our teachings and ideas)
– Self Defence ( Martial Arts)
– Lightsaber Operator (Force FX Saber Use)
– Meditation (Relaxation)
– The Force Theory (Jedi Union Ceremony, Life & Death)
– Peaceful Communication (Interaction With Diplomacy)
– Counselling (Stress Control,Guidance, Useful Communication)
– Emotion Control (Anger Management)
– Arts & Crafts (Lightsaber Construction, Robe Making)


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