Photoshop Express: we knew this was coming

Here it is. Adobe Photoshop Express. The online, super slimmed down, free version of photoshop. I’m actually not in need of this thing but many have been asking for it for a long time.

You shot it — now do something to it. Make it pop. Make it impossible to ignore. Upload, sort, polish, and store up to 2GB of photos. All for free. Resize, tint, distort, and more — add your mark to all your images. Then show them off on Adobe® Photoshop® Express or your Facebook page.


5 responses to “Photoshop Express: we knew this was coming”

  1. Billy Chia Avatar

    That’s pretty cool – and nice that they hook you up with 2 gigs of free storage.

    Looks a lot like a fully online version of Picasa.

    One of the reasons I don’t like picasa is that you can’t simply link to a photo – you have to link to the Picasa page and load a lot of extra slow loading stuff.

    I wonder if APE lets you simply link a photo on your blog or if the link makes you load a bunch of extra junk.

  2. tam Avatar

    Okay! Get your tail over to fill in friday!


  3. jordan Avatar

    and still so inferior to its bigger brother..ha!

  4. mandythompson Avatar

    found it. joined it. gonna use it.

  5. klampert Avatar

    jordan..yeah I am glad I got the full thing..

    Mandy…you will like it and then want the full thing. lol

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