Keytar: Back from the 80’s

Everywhere I look the keytar is popping up in bands. This crazy 1980’s instrument has been revived. I hope nothing else from the 80’s comes back like leg warmers. YUCK! Anyway I love the keytar and love seeing it in todays music. Bands like Family Force 5, Worth Dying For (my new favorite band), DCB*, and Mute Math are showcasing this thing. Boy I wish I had one.

Anybody else? like it? Want one?


13 responses to “Keytar: Back from the 80’s”

  1. Paul J. Avatar

    If you’re nice, I’ll show you a pic of me with mine…

  2. stephen Avatar

    and don’t forget the crowdster

  3. mudpuppy Avatar

    Definitely don’t forget Crowder!!

  4. inWorship Avatar

    Dude I had one and I am kicking myself for getting rid of it. I played it for about half our set when I was in a band in high school.

    It rocked!

    Of course back then, I played it cause Petra used one 🙂

  5. Bobby Gilles Avatar

    Maybe my son Garrett would take more interest in his piano practice if I got him one …

  6. Billy Chia Avatar

    I believe it takes a certain amount of integrity to rock the keytar – not just anyone can do it.

    Joel, I think you could pull it off.

    btw – worth dying for = great stuff.

  7. mandoron Avatar

    Our keyboard player, Rod, has one that he uses every few weeks. He even bought a wireless pak for it.

    It’s kind of funny to watch him. He’s so used to standing in one place that he tends to roam the entire stage!

  8. Christy Johnson Avatar
    Christy Johnson

    Hey this is Worth Dying For – Thanks for representing the keytar! We are also bringing back the 80’s sunglasses!

  9. snowjunkie Avatar

    Yeah, let’s have a YouTube video of you with a keytar…

  10. […] morning, and purchased Worth Dying For’s new release off of itunes. Two lead vocalists and keytar – what else do you need? I’ll let you know what I think in the next day or […]

  11. XM8500 Avatar

    A fan of keytars eh? Check this CRAZY SHIT out:

  12. lorijo Avatar

    i really want to know where to get one….

  13. […] be portable… The hard part is finding one…. I was looking and searched and found this link.  Christy Johnson from Worth Dying For has one, I saw her play it live, it’s rad… […]

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