Deluge: CD Review

March 4th this CD came out. It is Deluge.
They are the youth band for the Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, LA. It was recorded live at a Youth convention there with 7000 people. It features Jonathon Stockstill, from the main team and popular from the song “Let the Church Rise”.

I Received this in the mail to review and went into it with my thoughts about the church. I have made mention of it before on here. I am not a fan of seeker churches and I am even less of a fan of the G12 apostolic ministry churches like Bethany. So when this CD came I was not very excited about it.

When I played it trying to give it the benefit of the doubt I was floored. I found myself sucked in to a pretty cool stylistic sound. It was not like the gospel flavored sound that they use in the adult band. This one had more edge or grit to it.

The intro was very cool and uses a drum core. I wish that it went into the 1st song, but there is a bit of a disconnect. The first song I believe has a very cool 90’s psuedo punk feel to it. Jonathon adds a very interesting quality to the sound. His voice is like mixing Jeremy Camp with John Mayer. It is an odd combination but I found myself really enjoying it as I listened. The track Crazy is just that. CRAZY. I love this song and can’t stop playing it. It is an edgy song with an almost spoken style of singing. Then it goes into this raucous guitar riff. I love it.
From then on we here many different styles of music. It is hard to pinpoint what kind of style this band is. It is heavy on the keyboards, Jonathon’s main instrument, yet throws in some great U2 style riffs. All in all it is an original sound and feel. With the diversity in styles I found myself listening to it over and over again and not getting bored.

For me there is one stand out song. It is also the slowest song, but it is extremely powerful. “whisper His Name”. This song is brilliant and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my worship.

This CD gets 4 out of 5 stars from me and it is worth a look.

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below is the song crazy


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  1. Billy Chia Avatar

    I am so playing that this Sunday. We’re gonna start pit!

  2. aha Avatar

    This cd is absolutely amazing! there are many hits on this cd that are great for church worship and just a fun album to put on and jam to. Crazy is my favourite as well…and i think the album art was just genious! love the underwater pictures.

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