Holy Week: Easter Service

3 minute countdown

Amena Brown: spoken word video

Jesus Christ is risen today – A (Traditional)

My Redeemer Lives – E (Morgan)
Let the Praises Ring – D (Brewster)
More than Ever – D (Reider)
Amazing Grace (chains are gone)- D (Tomlin re-chorus)

Open The Eyes – E (Baloche)

Sermon video: the day after easter

Turn Your Eyes – G (beeching rewrite)
Word of God Speak- G (Millard)


Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

Jesus Paid it all- G/A
Majesty – A (Smith)

Happy Day – Bb (Hughes)


5 responses to “Holy Week: Easter Service”

  1. tam Avatar

    Ahhh – B almost did Happy Day. Great song!

    I trust your weekend went well!

    We’ve been prying for you and your health. How are you?

  2. worshipcity Avatar

    Which Amena Brown video? The Resurrection one? We used it for the Offertory time. It gave me chills both services!

    We also played Happy Day but just the opposite, as the Prelude. I don’t know if we could keep it though for a congregational song. In the original key he gets low in the verses and then belts it out for the chorus! What are your thoughts? have you done it with the church singing it as well?

    Working on my recap with video right now 🙂 it’s hilarious watching/hearing yourself

  3. Darren Avatar

    Sounds like a wonderful service!

    Here’s ours:

    Pre-processional* – I Am the Resurrection** – Ray Repp, CCLI 9189

    Processional – Christ the Lord is Risen Today – Charles Wesley

    Kyrie – Scoggins

    Gloria – Haugen (Mass of Creation)

    Gradual – Jesus, Name Above All Names (a capella)

    Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate – Gary Oliver, CCLI 16859 – E
    Majesty – Hayford, CCLI 1527 – G
    Forever – Tomlin, CCLI 3148428 – G
    Glorious One – Fee, CCLI 4882783 – G***

    Offertory – You are My All in All – Jernigan, CCLI 825356 – F

    Sanctus – CEC Philippine Cathedral – D

    Agnus Dei – Haugen, Mass of Creation

    Communion – God and Man at Table Are Sat Down – Stamps, CCLI 16842

    Recessional – Worship Christ, the Risen King – Hayford, CCLI 27288

    * Played with a tambourine, guitar, and keyboard – how 70s can you get?? Sounded pretty cool, although the guitarist who knows it best was out sick.
    ** I have no idea what key this is in. It has one sharp, but ends on an A. Weird.
    *** Yes, I know that’s scraping the bottom. Especially for us tenors!

  4. Kelly Avatar

    Hey Joel,
    Here is Cathedral Church of the Intercessor’s list for Easter Sunday. Authors only listed if I remember their names. Asterisks denote songs with official harmonies for choir.
    Kelly Tanza

    Prelude Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee (instrumental) E-F
    *Did You Feel the Mountains D
    Processional*Jesus Christ is Risen Today C

    Gloria*St. Petersburg Gloria(Ciccarello) D
    Praise *Forever G
    *God of Wonders G
    Gradual Voice of Truth C
    DANCE(choreographed by Aku Sobottka)
    Post Sermon- (I don’t remember-sorry)
    Offertory *Holy3 Are Lord(MacAlmon) Bb-B-C
    Sanctus Scholtes D
    Mystery Traditional(with Alleluias!!!) Em
    Agnus Dei Michael W. Smith A
    Communion You Are Merciful to Me D-Eb
    *The Heart of Worship Eb
    *I See the Lord Eb-E
    *Glory and Honor E

    Recessional *He Reigns(start with chorus)F
    *He Reigns Forever-choir with Bryan Carrott playing vibes!!

  5. Barton Cooley Avatar

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