Band Name: HELP!

I need every bodies help!

As many of you have been reading I put together a multi-church worship team here in the area and I know God has some big things for this crew in the future.

With that said the band needs a name.

There are a few directions I want to go with it. either in the vein of unity or something having to do with worship changing or stirring up the area.

So far I have one name.

DELVE – the word means to pour into, to loosen or upturn the earth.
I love the connotation of that. My keyboard guy though says it reminds him of Devo..oh boy!

So everybody who reads this thing help me out. That means all 400 of you.

#1. do you like Delve and it’s meaning

#2. got a better idea…love to hear it..

Think fast!



33 responses to “Band Name: HELP!”

  1. Chris Avatar

    It’s a pretty awkward sounding word – doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

  2. tam Avatar

    hmmmm….i’m gonna ponder this one today. I’ll get back with you. And I’ll try to keep it serious 😐

  3. J M Avatar

    I guess you might ask what you are trying to accomplish as a band (other than the obvious). With a multi-church worship band, the name Delve can fit very well as you are striving to work out the “mutual indwelling” of the Spirit within yourselves and into the lives of one another, and from there into the lives of your church members and the community at large.

    Dig up the community. Upturn it for the renown of the Savior. I like it.

  4. klampert Avatar

    Chris: hmm interesting…Im ok with awkward…I cant give you a list of oh 300 bands like that. lol. Got any ideas?


    Jeff: exactly what I was thinking about this name

    another thought I had was Facedown which has more to do about worship than about affecting others

  5. pete Avatar

    i went and did a quick thesaurus search on BLEND and came up with some ideas that might get you closer to a name…


  6. Darren Avatar

    I would vote for Facedown over Delve.

    Does it has to have a name?

    A couple other ideas:

    Seraphim – those angels who are God’s most constant worshipers, the brightly-burning ones

    24Circle – a reference to the 24 elders around the throne of God, who constantly adore Him

    KneeBow – from Philippians 2

    Rev14 – they followed the Lamb whereever He went

  7. mudpuppy Avatar

    I liked Delve pretty good.

    Another thought was Meld.

  8. Hope Avatar

    One – as in, we are one in the Spirit

  9. Chris Caron Avatar
    Chris Caron

    Darren had some great ideas. Of them, i like 24Circle the best. Makes people think and once explained, it paints an awesome picture.

    -Chris (the “keyboard guy”)

  10. Lori Avatar


  11. Hope Avatar

    Unbound. . that one gave me chills. . nice.

  12. klampert Avatar

    2 thoughts…i think more important than the name being about worship it should be about the unity of the “C”hurch. it should be about the breaking of strongholds of division in the area and the changing of culture…

    HOW BOUT THE NAME….SHIFT- as in culture shift

  13. liz Avatar

    I really like Unbound. (Good idea, Lori!)

    I don’t think Delve sounds akward, but then again, I speak German which is nothing if not a language of akward letter combinations.

    I like Delve better than Shift.

  14. Chris Caron Avatar
    Chris Caron

    How about CultureShift

  15. Billy Chia Avatar

    I like Delve a lot.

  16. don Avatar

    klampet and co. ?

  17. Brian O'Neill Avatar
    Brian O’Neill

    Ok, i have to have a say here.

    I like delve. a quick google of “delve” came up with some pretty deep definitions that could apply to what we’re trying to accomplish.

    But then i heard 24circle.

    many of the other names made me think of other bands with similar names, or songs with similar titles. These two examples are the best and have really powerful imagery when explained.

    And personally, i like that delve is kinda awkward. Its something people wont forget… which is also why i like 24circle. That’s wicked original. i vote 24circle first then delve.

    (bass enthusiast)

  18. chris Avatar

    I’m not sold on Delve because when you say it out loud, I feel like another syllable is needed, like The Delve, but that doesnt make sense. Instead of 24Circle, how about Circle24.

    I still like CultureShift too.

  19. klampert Avatar

    I totally agree with you brian, but I think for me it comes down to the vision of the band. And for me this is in order.
    #1 it is unity, community, breaking down fear and strongholds, and then in turn uniting to affect the greater community.
    #2. It is a band for creating an atmosphere of worship.

    See already without even playing one event we have fulfilled the #1 vision. I go to a different church and we are talking, praying and eventually ministering.

    So for me thats why delve works…because of all its conotations. 24circle while wicked cool just doesn’t meld with the vision. and we are not 24 elders in heaven. lol. yet!

  20. chris Avatar

    Klampert, you crack me up!

    How about Delvish!

    Or Delvalicious

    Or DelvleDog?

  21. klampert Avatar

    well delvish is the language our band speaks of course..ha ha ha

    Delve doesnt have to be it…but I do think that the band is more than just about worship music and I want to represent that.

  22. klampert Avatar

    well delvish is the language our band speaks of course..ha ha ha

    Delve doesnt have to be it…but I do think that the band is more than just about worship music and I want to represent that.

  23. chris Avatar

    How about Hope! jk

    Shift is too much like Shaft, plus there are the Nissan commercials… but i still like CultureShift, reminds me of a revival, hopefully impending. It may be too punk sounding.

  24. klampert Avatar

    I like cultureshift..its warming on me…
    not very punk in my opinion…


  25. tam Avatar

    i know you’ll think this is funny coming from me, “inprogress”, married to “inworship” parents of blogging children “incahoots” but what about….


  26. Hope Avatar

    trinity (small ‘t’ — 3 churches — at the outset anyway — coming together 3-in-1. . .trinity)

    Re: tearing down strongholds. Unbound is good one. Tear down stronghold and you are – free from captivity = Unbound. . 2. This worship band is unbound by cultural church boundaries . . 3 churches working together modeling unity of the big ‘C’ church.

    Maybe you want to focus on the tearing down of strongholds? So let’s think, what does that:
    sword, word, truth, faith, trust, discipline
    (maybe that’s part of what the band Kutless is trying to convey (sword/cutlass)). .

  27. Lori Avatar

    Hope…that is exactly what came to mind with that word–unbound.–released from the cultural church boundaires.

    On a singular level, unbound is uninhibited worship…

    I think, personally, the band name should be understood (to a degree) without explanation. If you have to provide a definition of the name, then most won’t get and won’t look it up. Although I like the meaning of delve…not sure it really makes me think of worship…

  28. Brian O'Neill Avatar
    Brian O’Neill

    when i hear the name unbound i think of the lyrics from Amazing Grace/my chains are gone.

    “My chains are gone
    I’ve been set free
    My God, my Savior has ransomed me
    And like a flood His mercy reigns
    Unending love, Amazing grace”

    thats all i had to say because i have no new suggestions.

  29. Steve Avatar

    Acts2 (worship, unity, community, all of that discussed in acts2)
    The Czar Band (gotta try it, right?)
    more ideas to come

  30. pete Avatar

    i kinda like “inprogess’s” idea… INFUSE.

    straight FUSE could be cool.

    you want unity? how ’bout FUSINITY — LOL!

  31. Chris Avatar

    I agree with Lori’s comment about having to explain the name.

    I was in a band for a bunch of years with a very “hip” name but every time we used it we had to explain the name. It was a blessing and a curse – but more a curse 🙂

  32. Chuck Avatar

    How about strongtower?

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