Thanks Tony Morgan

I don’t know how many of you are not reading, but you should be. This guy is great.

On top of that it was an honor to see he he used a banner I whipped up for him on his site today.

go check the guy out and soak in the creativity.


12 responses to “Thanks Tony Morgan”

  1. drewjpowell Avatar

    great job man. one of my fav’s he’s displayed so far.

  2. klampert Avatar

    thanks drew…
    hey do you have the chart for I am yours, michael neale?

  3. tam Avatar

    i like it alot. Looks great Joel!

  4. Tyler Avatar

    i liked the last line of tony’s post. that was great.

  5. inWorship Avatar

    So are you like a fundamentalist that speaks in tongues…


  6. Billy Chia Avatar

    “a fundamentalist that speaks in tongues…”


  7. Stephen Avatar

    congrats man! that’s pretty fun 🙂

  8. amester Avatar

    nice work Joel! Looks great!

  9. michael Avatar

    Nice…it’s a fun little exercise. And I agree, a great blog.

  10. Steve Avatar

    1st Church Marketing Sucks and now Tony Morgan. What’s next, Catalyst Conference? Guest blogging on Swerve?

    get it Joel! Call me!

  11. alece Avatar

    yeah. yours was one of the best i’ve seen!

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