New MacBook Pro

Here is what I have been waiting for. The new MacPro. Now I am waiting on $ from a job and the PC to Mac switch will be in full effect.

check out this Mac . Killer touchpad.

Mutitouch pad like the Air, Core Duo up to 2.6 ghz, 200gig 7200rpm HD


8 responses to “New MacBook Pro”

  1. Jon Lloyd Avatar

    I shall be upgrading sooneth.

  2. mudpuppy Avatar

    For all my mac talk (people at my church think I’m Steve Jobs’ assistant), I own very little mac product.

    I’m currently still working off an old eMac, and my only iPod is an old school shuffle.

    No iPhone
    No Laptop
    No Towers
    No iPods with screens
    No iTouch


    I do own two apple shirts though…

  3. Chris Avatar

    Really? Seems like the same computer that was available yesterday but with the touchpad added for the Pro’s. Any significant differences?

  4. Bridget Avatar

    It’s so nice! Let us know when you figure out Garage Band!

  5. middlemelansons Avatar

    ok i have a really silly question. I am creating a blog for the moms group and i cant for the life of me figure out how to put the picture they have for the link in my blog. Does that make sence? they have a web address but they have little pictures that you can have on your blog. where do i put the link?? silly i know

  6. inWorship Avatar

    Got it yet?

    Hey, was just over at Tony Morgan’s site. Nice Banner. I like it. So far the stuff he has been putting up is ok or funny, but yours definitely stands out. Hope its a keeper.

  7. klampert Avatar

    yeah it looks great…on the dark side.
    it isnt much different, but the upgrades in ram and hd plus the multitouch were worth the wait.

    I am praying for a design job to come through right now so I can make the switch.

    Brent: thanks man. I decided to go very professional. I think it came out pretty cool.

  8. Susan Avatar

    Did you get your macpro? are you using it in worship or designing worship? I’m in the market for a new laptop and the macbook is in my price range. I use my laptop for everything, including designing and projecting visuals for 2 different services / week. I like the little one for traveling and it sounds like it will do everything that I need it to do. I’m not editing video or audio recordings of worship — that’s someone else’s job. wo what wisdom can you share?

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