The Ninja Warrior Most Extreme Youth Event

I have been hinting for a little while about something big I am doing with my youth group.  Announcing The Ninja Warrior Most Extreme Youth Event. So your thinking “What the Heck is that!”. Well on march 29th, for 3 hours, our youth groups. Grounded and Settled (sr high) and Spark! (jr high) are meeting at a local karate dojo that we rented. The event is inspired by American Gladiators and Ninja Warrior. It is a full scale competition. We will have pugel stick matches…those are the giant Q-tips. We will be doing obstacle courses, bo staff fighting, king of the mountain style matches, board breaking, Knife fighting, grappling matches, sword fighting and a ton more. There are 30 games planned.

This will be the ultimate Youth event of all time. We are sure to have some casualties, but I think it will be worth it.


4 responses to “The Ninja Warrior Most Extreme Youth Event”

  1. Steve Avatar

    That’s awesome!

  2. erzsi1113 Avatar

    That sounds like so much fun!

    It’s not as cool as what I’m doing tomorrow night (, with Cousin Louie!) but I have no doubt that everyone will enjoy knocking the snot out of one another.

  3. klampert Avatar

    Steve: dude lets get together again soon…and yeah its gonna are more than welcome to come. give me a ring if you want to come.

    Liz: grrrr…you are going to have fun…arg

  4. worshipcity Avatar

    Dude you better record all the footage you can of that! It sounds amazing!

    @erzsi1113 as KILLER as this sounds, Passion Regional would be cool! But Cousin Louie? He’s affectionately Uncle Louie to us 🙂

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