PC to Apple : Upgrading soon and selling gear

So it seems I may be selling all my computer gear and starting over.

Here is what I’ve got if anybody is interested in buying them

  1. Dell D830 Latitude laptop- core 2 duo 2.0ghz, 2 gig ram, upgraded screen to 1920×1200
  2. Microsoft office small business
  3. Dell 24 inch widescreen monitor
  4. Wacom intuos3 6 x 11 graphics tablet – awesome for photo retouching and design
  5. Custom built killer desktop that I think I’m bringing to the church.

Here is what I hope to be getting 

  1. Macbookpro 15 or 17 – 2-4 gig ram. 200gig 7200 rpm drive
  2. 24″ imac or macpro desktop with 30″
  3. 12wx Wacom Cintiq


9 responses to “PC to Apple : Upgrading soon and selling gear”

  1. kenny Avatar

    How much are you asking for the laptop and wacom tablet?

  2. mudpuppy Avatar

    Welcome to the dark side!!

    ps. I have an XM Radio for sale if anyone wants that.

  3. drewjpowell Avatar

    good move

  4. snowjunkie Avatar

    Hope the grass is greener on the other side.

  5. Bridget Avatar

    are you going to use parallels?
    you may still want your office suite…

    do you ever listen to the Tech Guy? Leo Leporte?


  6. klampert Avatar

    kenny…i’ll send you a message…

    bridget…yeah I have listened to leo since he was on tech tv…
    I dont plan on using windows for office…I think i will buy the mac office…and use windows just for testing websites in IE.

  7. michael Avatar

    I might be interested in the tablet shoot me an email on how much you want for it….don’t buy that macbook yet, rumor is an upgrade is coming…soon!

  8. Jon Lloyd Avatar

    I’m glad you are finding your salvation. 🙂

  9. inWorship Avatar

    Oh yah…you will never look back and you’ll wonder how you managed to live life before the transition 🙂

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