I was watching Attack of the SHow tonight and they said Yahoo is trying to make a comeback over google…

Does anybody know anybody who even still uses the site known as YAHOO!?

lets try a test here…answer these.

Google or yahoo?

Firefox or IE?

Letter or Email?

real people or Facebook?


9 responses to “YAHOO!”

  1. Michiel Avatar

    Well, that’s easy:

    Google, Firefox, e-mail, real people!


    Have a nice day!

  2. Jon Lloyd Avatar

    Google. Safair. Mail. Real people. Is facebook a book on faces?

  3. inWorship Avatar

    Google for search…Yahoo for news and weather

    Firefox…whats IE ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t remember the last time I wrote or sent a letter.

    Always real people…but I love Facebook.

  4. Phillip Avatar

    I’m with Jon: Google, Safari, Mail, Real People. I’ve never signed up for a myspace or facebook account – aren’t those for kids and/or bands?

  5. MommaBlogger Avatar

    Google or yahoo? Both

    Firefox or IE? Firefox!

    Letter or Email? Email

    real people or Facebook? Huh?

  6. Drew Avatar

    -both (really into facebook lately though!)

  7. klampert Avatar

    yeah of course:
    and both…but real people are overrated

    MOMMABLOGGER: get on face book…you will like it.

    DREW: are you my friend on facebook…nope…you are now buddy

  8. suzanne Avatar

    what is firefox or IE?
    def e-mail
    and i’m with joel both but real people are overrated ha ha facebook very cool!

  9. worshipcity Avatar

    What’s this “yahoo” you speak of ๐Ÿ™‚

    Real people, I just don’t do facebook all that well. I need to get better.

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