Movies: looking to the far future

Here are a few movies that are being made that I absolutely can’t wait for.

1. Dark Knight – Coming this summer. Batman with Christian Bale. There is no other Batman.

2. Indiana Jones – We have been waiting forever it seems. I can’t wait much longer

3. G.I. Joe – this one is for 2009, but great cast so far. Baroness is Sienna Miller. Nuff said.

4.  Justice League of America – This one is for 2010 and they are lining up the cast. This should be awesome

5. Watchmen – This is probably the most anticipated movie for me in the history of movies. Coming out 2009. This movie has been in rumors for like 10 years now and it has been almost made a million times. This is the greatest comic ever written and it should be awesome.

Anybody else excited about these?


5 responses to “Movies: looking to the far future”

  1. superman1224 Avatar

    Dude what about Iron Man? Hell Boy 2? The Man Of Steel? Star Trek?

    I am really excited about all those movies you’ve listed. I need to catch up on my Watchmen though.

  2. klampert Avatar

    bah…of course man…Cant wait for Iron man and hellboy… superman…hmmm not so much sadly…Star trek should be interesting

    but Watchmen…now that is gonna rock

  3. glorygrl Avatar

    Hell Boy 2!–with our own personal friend and CEC member— Doug Jones as Abe Sapien.

  4. jonnyflash Avatar

    Hate to tell you buddy, but JLA(or JLI) or whatever they’re calling it, is going to be a lot later than 2010. It was just put on indefinite hold due to the writer’s strike.

    And G.I. Joe could be cool, but the director(Stephen Summers) hasn’t made anything that great for a while.

  5. Chris Martin Avatar

    yes. no. no. no. no.

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