Forget the planet: Why be a Mormon?

So if you are married you know that it takes work and sometimes isn’t easy…mostly cus women are nuts and guys are dumb. Ha ha.

With knowing this and dealing with it why the heck would anybody want to be a Mormon? Yes they get thier own planet in the after life and that is cool, but being a polygamist must be really tough.

I am stoked and very thankful I have one amazing and super hot wife because I don’t think the more the merrier applies to marriage.


2 responses to “Forget the planet: Why be a Mormon?”

  1. groundedsettled Avatar

    Seriously…it really is enough keeping up with all the dates and other stuff we have to remember with one wife. Also could you imagine having 3 or 4 women reminding you take out the garbage? 🙂

  2. Dr. John Avatar
    Dr. John

    Why do you insist that polygamy is even a remote part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? What part of “…discontinued the practice 120 years ago” don’t you get? Generations have come and gone without any mention of polygamy in any of our classrooms, over the pulpit, family discussions, etc. It just doesn’t legally exist anymore, ESPECIALLY IN THE MORMON CHURCH. My wife is also amazing and super-hot and has given me 6 incredible children who are all self-sufficient and productive members of their respective neighborhoods, public school districts and places of employment. Wise up!
    P.S. “Their own planet”? Again, not a topic of conversation, teaching, etc. EVER! ! ! !

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