the pulpit has a loaded gun ready for post-9/11 use

Read this whole page…It is a real statement from a real church… WOW!…

I still find it hard to believe in this day in age we are still dealing with Christians who are more about rules than Love.

A poll…I have noticed a shift in the Church these days…a call to be bout you guys?


8 responses to “the pulpit has a loaded gun ready for post-9/11 use”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    umm yeah. I just get confused reading that…I just don’t get it. Or more than that…do they get it?

  2. klampert Avatar

    exactly…it is sad to read…they don’t get it. They are missing the true saving grace

  3. Ronnie Avatar

    Since you’re a worship leader, I highly recommend skimming his sermons on the right way to construct a song and the best forms of music. It is incredibly well thought out.

  4. inWorship Avatar

    I read through that a little time back and thought it was one of the strangest things I have ever written.

    Do you get the feeling when you read this, that there is a man in charge of that church, not a God, and this man seems to like it that way.


  5. Lori Avatar

    That freaks me out

  6. dantheman1969 Avatar

    Scary stuff!!! Scary, Scary stuff!

  7. Paul J. Avatar

    Hey man, nothing’s better than leading worship and packing heat!!!

  8. indian matrimonials Avatar

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