Take the Log out of your own eye.

I posted a while back about a church that is calling itself Christian and are actively attacking Homosexuals and other people. I stress people because they don’t seperate the sin from the person.

This church has decided to picket Heath Ledgers Funeral because of his brokeback role.

I think this is sad and I am ashamed to be associated with these “christians” because they give the rest of us a horrible wrap. This HATE is not of God.

Another organization has decided to counteract that one though…check it out…and while yhou are at it read the rest of the blog…good stuff.

Christ came for all…Only he can judge a mans heart.


8 responses to “Take the Log out of your own eye.”

  1. Randy Avatar


    I love your worship blog. I saw your comment on Vicky Beechings’ blog. I helped her get the site up and running.

    I notice you have a conference page. Please check out the conference I lead in Franklin, Tennessee called cre:ate at:

    Vicky will be a lead worshiper for us.


    I have linked to your blog. If you wish, I would love for you to link to me as well. You have links to quite a few of my friends.

    My blog is called Ethos and my URL is:

    Keep plugging Vicky. She is awesome!!


  2. klampert Avatar

    Randy…Great to see you on here and to know you read this thing…
    I love your blog also.
    I just linked to you and I have no clue why you werent linked before.

    I have seen a little on your conference and I will add it to the list as well…I would love to be able to make it…we shall see

    oh and yeah Vicky is brilliant

  3. inWorship Avatar

    Thanks for this link. I think this is an amazing way to speak out on this issue with Westboro. I see so many Christians bashing Westboro and in my opinion they are doing the same thing.

    Thanks for letting Jesus be seen through this and thanks for linking to a blog that does the same.

  4. inWorship Avatar

    Hey, thanks for the kind words on my blog tonight. I truly appreciate the care and prayer!

  5. Tyler Avatar

    I completely agree. I find it hard for myself to also love those who I guess are our brothers. My first instinct is to hate them and despise them, but I am fairly certain God is saddened with their chosen way of action. It is a sad thing to see.

  6. Phillip Avatar

    For the record, WBC is neither Baptist nor a church. They are more of a hate group, and they have been classified as such by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    They are well-known for blaming every catastrophe on the homosexual community and picketing memorial services with signs reading “God hates fags,” “Thank God for 9/11,” “Thank God for the Tsunami,” “Thank God for Dead Soldiers,” etc.

    I seriously hope that no one seriously considers them to be an extension of the church.

  7. inWorship Avatar

    @Phillip Unfortunately much of the non-Christian world wraps them up with the Christian world. I think that is a little bit of a cop out and unfair, but this is true. They already see us at Homosexual haters and bigots, so they don’t see these Westboro people as any different.

    I am glad that actual Christians are taking notice and speaking out about what God’s love really is, so that those who don’t know Him yet, can see Him. Not some horrid version of what this group thinks He is. We have to be louder than this group. Let’ just do our part.

  8. erzsi1113 Avatar

    The recent statements of Westboro make my blood boil the same way it did the first time I saw their “Thank God for Dead Soliders” signs did.

    As someone whose father is a career Army officer (42 years and counting) who spent time in Iraq, and someone whose brother is a homosexual — I appreciate anyone who speaks out against Westboro. They are filled with hate — Thanks for reminding us that there are ways to seperate ourselves from that hate while remaining true to what God would want of us.


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