A Freakin’ Talking Snake!

So I was reading to my boys today the story of Adam and Eve. The bible says the snake tells eve that it is ok to eat the apple. Adam is right there when the snake tells her this.

I paused for a second and thought… hmmm…thats me thinking.

I goes right into Eve eating it and then uh oh…, but I feel like it is missing something I never noticed.


My guess is they were not warned by God..”oh by the way there is a bad angel in snake form…watch out for him.”

So if he didn’t why were they not alarmed by the Talking snake. Were the other animals able to talk? was it just the norm?

There has to be a reason why it doesn’t say ..

And adam said, while throwing the apple in the air. “AHHHH…A Talking Snake!”

any thoughts?


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  1. scaryreasoner Avatar

    The surest, most effective, best way to become an ex-christian is to read the Bible.

    Keep reading.

  2. Victor Estrada Avatar

    haha, thats a good question and a good observation. I never thought of that before.

  3. MommaBlogger Avatar

    I’ve wondered that myself on occasion. But then again, I grew up reading CS Lewis, so the idea of talking animals always fascinated me anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Rich Avatar

    Ok…so it’s an apple from the tree of knowledge right? So, we have all this experience that teaches us that animals don’t talk (of course Dr. Doolittle would argue…and so would the pet psychic…but that’s another story)

    So where did we get that experience and knowledge? Oh yeah…the tree…the apple…Adam and Eve had no idea animals were not supposed to talk.

  5. Lori Avatar

    That was my comment…forgot to log in as me!

  6. Lauli Avatar

    never thought of that before, smart.

  7. worshipcity Avatar

    Man, I’m waiting for Mud to find this post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dude this is a GREAT thought! I suppose not a whole lot of things surprise you though when you share intimate communion with the Creator like the way Genesis paints the picture of the Garden.

    I wonder how long it was before this happened? I mean Adam named all the animals right? So either he named the Serpent, “Serpent” and they were hanging around the entire time together or Adam would have gone…wait a minute, you look like Eel but your on the land? Who are you and where’d you come from?!?!

  8. Lori Avatar

    thats a great point….

  9. tam Avatar

    I think commenter 4 (is that Rich or Lori) is on to something. I’d like to research this.

    Although, I’ve always found it humorous that Adam, the man, was standing next to Eve the whole time…not saying anything. Eve and the talking snake (tee-hee) carrying along like long lost friends, Adam doing, what? What WAS he doing standing there. Not trying to stop Eve that’s for sure. Eve bites the apple and says, here Adam. He’s like, cool!

    What?!! Dude, what?!

    Did I just hi-jack your question? ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Lori Avatar

    LOL…I wasn’t going to bring up the point that Adam apparently did nothing to stop Eve from her fatal mistake. Did he not hear God when God said “don’t eat from THAT tree.” We know Eve did, and we know she disobeyed, but for cryin out loud…Adam could have at least said “You know, Eve, you really shouldn’t do that”. As I said before, they didn’t have all that much knowledge, and PMS hadn’t started yet, so Adam can’t fall back on the argument that he wasn’t gonna DARE tell Eve what to do; that as a good husband, he would just let her make her choice and then say “I told ya so!” when the axe fell.

  11. Russ Avatar

    I once heard a teaching that debunked the widely held view that “eve” was the cause of the fall of mankind (original sin). It was a great teaching.

    Basic thrust was that Adam failed miserably in his responsibility to cover and protect his wife. If, indeed as other posters have stated, he was standing right there, then DUDE what was he doing? If he was off somewhere else chilling under a fig tree or something, then DUDE what was he doing?

    Adam, then is the culprit, not EVE. Even though Eve was “deceived” literally, Adam was lacking in his role as priest of the home, so to speak.

    Not to say that Eve, didn’t make the wrong choice, she did, BUT they should have faced that together. Bad form, Adam, bad form.

  12. klampert Avatar

    yeah tam ok to hijack…

    bible says “She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it”

    he was right there next to her and the guy was a moron. Women always say guys don’t listen…He was probablly daydreaming about EVE and their “evening plans” and then she hands him an apple and hes like…oh yeah talking snake right…yum-o…
    It makes you wonder what would have happened if he would have just bashed the serpent in the head and actually fought for his wife..

    The reason why i say he was daydreaming about laying in the grass with naked eve…is because we as men are so typical in that area…thinking about us and not fighting for our wives or the integrity of our home.

    I don’t blame eve…even if she ate it but Adam acted like a man…God would have either said good job or just made a new eve.

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  14. Freddy at LCS Avatar

    Perhaps the inclusion of a talking snake indicates that we’re not supposed to read this literally — seriously, of course, but not literally?

    Think about it this way. . . If someone asked Jesus, “how did sin enter the world?” He’d likely answer with a parable — something along the lines of this:

    A man and his wife were working in a field. The owner of the field told them to eat from any plant except one. One day, when they worked near the forbidden plant, and a snake spoke to the woman. . . etc. And so the owner cast them out into the outer darkness, where there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    To think that it actually happened exactly that way, to wonder about a literal talking snake, is entirely to miss the point. If it’s a parable, though, it’s quite consistent with the kind of stories God loved to tell when He literally walked the earth. Why not look for a deeper meaning? We say God wrote the Bible, after all.

  15. Freddy at LCS Avatar

    Oh, two more thoughts:

    First, God never tells Eve not to eat of the tree. Really! He tells Adam before He creates Eve. If we’re thinking about this literally, then Adam might have thought to pass the prohibition onto Eve (which would explain why her version of it is a little exaggerated), but the text doesn’t say that God ever intended the rule to apply to her. Think about that. It makes the sin of disobedience to God Adam’s exclusively. Eve sinned, perhaps, in tempting him, but the fault was primarily his. Adam might have even screwed up earlier, presuming to speak for God when talking to his wife.

    Also, in Paradise Lost, Milton explains the serpent’s speech by having Satan, possessing the serpent’s body, attribute its new, more human-like abilities to the elevating powers of the Tree of Knowledge. “That ye shall be as Gods,” he tells Eve, “since I as Man, / Internal Man, is but proportion meet; / I, of brute, human; ye, of human, Gods.”

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