Sanctity of Life Sunday

That was the title of this weeks sermon. It was Sanctity of Life Sunday. We remembered the lost and prayed for our country and the hearts of women who are struggling with the decisions or grief from abortion.

Approximate number of babies killed by surgical abortion in the USA since January 22, 1973

From a friend of mine….

The appointment was made and the day came quickly. I don’t remember much before the I.V. I guess the details were small enough that I’ve just forgotten. But the I.V. and the Doctor I will never forget! First of all Helga the blind nurse with a nerve disorder administered my I.V. Some things just stay with you. Her hair was in a bun and she had bumpy lips. I remember her lips so well because I couldn’t understand a word she said which left me watching her mouth when she spoke. I may have been the very first person she ever poked with a needle. read the rest here.

Take some time to look at these sites and support some of them in their battle against this Ungodly act…Abortion



Rock For Life

Stand True

Priests for Life



4 responses to “Sanctity of Life Sunday”

  1. inWorship Avatar

    Excellent resources!

  2. tam Avatar

    When I saw this I was totally blown away. I’m humbled by this. I don’t know what kind of responses you’ll get from this – but if you find that you need to send someone my way, at any time…please do. I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can.

    48,640,104 What a staggering number…

  3. klampert Avatar

    Tam…you know what I can’t wait for your book…I have tons of connections and I think I can get it to people who could use it.

  4. tam Avatar

    Thanks Joel! I’m about 2/3 done now. Hopefully this will be the year.

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