Kari Jobe…What is my problem?

Somebody please smack me and tell me why even after a year I still have not bought her CD….




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  1. inWorship Avatar

    Incredible heart, incredible leader and an incredible voice.

    I don’t own her CD either. I’ll be changing that tomorrow!

  2. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Because it’s not yet on iTunes?
    What’s up with that, anyway?!

  3. klampert Avatar

    good call…I still do both…I like plastic cases.lol

  4. mjdaniel Avatar

    Have you gotten the CD called “Gateway Worship: Living for You.” We pulled about 4 or 5 songs off of that CD to do at our weekend services. She’s an amazing leader. Revelation Song is one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard. I’m looking forward to her next album, I think it comes out sometime this spring or summer.

  5. mandythompson Avatar

    oh so good! she rocks! i was introduced to “Revelation Song” at a conference recently, and it blew me away. powerful

    and, y’all know i’m a BIG FAN of girl worship leaders!

  6. Chris Avatar

    She’s also on a CD called “Common Heart” which IS on iTunes.

  7. Val Avatar

    If you want to purchase her CD or many of the other awesome CDs put out by Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, go to this link:

    Kari’s CD is towards the bottom, along with the Gateway Worship “Living For You” title. Both of them have Kari singing, but you will also find her singing some of the songs on each of the Gateway Devotional series CDs that have been published the past three years. The latest is at the top of the web page and is called “First”. The two previous years can be found on the left side under Bestsellers. Here are the links to them:
    The Battle

    Drawing Closer

    I can say having listened to these over the past 3 years, every song on every CD is just awesome. Each label should carry these word:

    WARNING! Those hearing the songs on these CDs will be prone to outburst of spontaneous Praise and Worship. Listen at your own risk of being severely Blessed!


  8. Matthew Richardson Avatar

    Please tell me there is a cd or dvd of the Christ For The Nations worship service with Kari Jobe!!!??? I love the CD, but I REALLY love the sound of the songs with the Holy Spirit filled congregation. Please respond asap here or to my e-mail address. skadickie@yahoo.com
    God Bless

  9. Monika Ware Avatar

    Kari Jobe has her own website, check out the http://www.kairjobe.com along with receiving her monthly free newsletter, also check her out on myspace. She has some CD’s on her persnal website that you will not find anywhere else. So hope this helps everyone that is hungry for more of the LORD as you enter into worship. One of my all time favorite is the CD “Glorious” Christ for the Nation. The above DVD Clip is from that CD and DVD Duo. It is about 18,00. You can find it on Amazon, or to support her minstry buy it off her website, it is so great and it is worth getting. Blessings to all of you!

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