Top 5 CD’s of the week

In random order…here they are

1. Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten (great CD…I wish she was still in Hillsongs London)

2. Misty Edwards: See the way (2 weeks in a row)

3. Mute Math: Mute Math (can’t get enough of Plan B)

4. Kings X: Out of the Silent Planet (here they are again…LOVE EM’)

5. Israel Houghton & New Breed: Live in South Africa (CD is ok but there are a few songs that really tug at me)

What about you guys…conner, mandy, liz, mud, steel, victor, chris etc etc…you know who you are…my cough drop comrades…


4 responses to “Top 5 CD’s of the week”

  1. mudpuppy Avatar

    A call out AND a Mute Math mention… you know I’m going to respond!!

    Northern Room – Last Embrace
    The Myriad – You Can’t Trust A Ladder
    Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light
    Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American
    Mute Math – Mute Math

  2. Steve Avatar

    I feel the same way about that Live in South Africa CD. Side note, how are the weekends or evenings for you? I’m at work during the day so mornings stink for me.

  3. WorshipCity Avatar

    Dude I’m listening to gar-bage! Thank goodness for Phil Wickham! Cannons is getting me through the week!!

  4. klampert Avatar

    Mud: nice man…ill call you out again

    Steve: weekends and evenings are best for me too. the later the better..wanna do coffee? Call me lets set it up

    Conner: Phil is one of the best I have ever seen…amazing voice…

    GO BUY Misty Edwards, Michael Neale, and sara groves… not DCB stuff, but amazing CD’s

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