My 2008 can be summed up with one quote.

Attempt great things for God,
expect great things from God.

– William Carey


3 responses to “Resolution”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    side note…i like the snow. a few days ago, it was blowing left to right…today right to left. pretty sweet.

  2. Graham Plaster Avatar

    that’s a good resolution – speaking of resolutions, I’ve heard quite a few Christians poo-poo New Year’s resolution lately saying that we should “make every day about life changes”. While I agree with this, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with harnessing the cultural momentum of a globally accepted excuse for “life change”. As far as I’m concerned, if a New Year’s resolution helps me to do the thing that is hard to do, then its ok by me. This year I resolve to get to bed a bit earlier and get up a bit earlier, to spend a bit more time in the word and in prayer. So far, so good.


  3. middlemelansons Avatar

    hello..yes i am in the world of blog! I like this kind of blog…but im not too fond of the other ones that seem to bash everyone i know and love…not so much fun. how are things wit the kiddos? all three of them. three are in BIGGG Trouble man! tell kelly i said hello. See you soon

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