Worship Confessional #16 | 11-25-07

Worship Text-Fessional:
Wow what a crazy week…thanksgiving came and flew by. We had an awesome thanksgiving.
There are 5 churches in the area that the pastors have been meeting together for prayer every few weeks. One of the pastors is ours (my dad). The others are a non denom, Baptist, Evangelical Free, Charismatic Eucharistic Church (thats us), and A presbyterian. So one day they decided to have a Day before thanksgiving service at the Presbyterian Church and invite all 5 churches. Have any of you ever tried that? It almost never works. Nobody shows up and it’s awkward because the Charismatic guys are afraid of scaring the baptists etc etc. So we went with lousy expectations. I was asked to co lead worship and we didn’t know what to do. We decided on Open the eyes, Forever, and blessed be your name. The service opened with the churches trumpet player and huge pipe organ. Wow the hymns like that are sweet. Then 3 pastors preached then worship then hymn and 2 more pastors. Each one preached for 5 min. Let me tell you this service was the start of something huge…it was brilliant. The pastors preached that we are better together. IT’s obvious words but I think that maybe once in my Christian life I may see some pastors actual act on that.

Sunday service:
Good service this week. It’s the week before advent and it’s called Christ the king. We opened with Before the Throne of God which went ok but it my hands were not doing what my brain wanted.
Did a prayer and jumped into my new favorite song Say so. This is a killer song for just getting fired up for Christ…the rest of the Praise set was good as well ending in an original Hallelujah Love Song (written by me and Debbie Hanlon) As a matter of fact I just picked up a web cam. Horay for jumping on board 5 years late. lol. I still have to tweak the audio settings because I’ve got a little crackle, but here is me testing out the cam with that song. (expect much much more, so add me to your youtube watch list)
If you see any originals and want chords or anything let me know because I would love for other churches to be blessed by this stuff as well.
Before the sermon we did thats my King video…AWESOME!
Communion came and we did a few including my new slow fav. Nothing without you: Bebo Norman. If your not doing this one, you should.

All in all a good service, but for me that thanksgiving service was the highlight of the week.
Cya next time. Same bat channel


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  1. […] Hallelujah Posted on November 28, 2007 by klampert I finally became uh…current and got a web cam…I guess the audio needs a little a work for the next video so sorry for the scratchy sound sometimes…that will get fixed next time. This is an original worship song about the greatness of our king. ht: http://cecworship.wordpress.com/2007/11/28/worship-confessional-16-11-25-07/ […]

  2. Russ Avatar

    Great job on the vid. Wish I had a webcam.

    Think I’ll have to get one with a Mac attached to it.

  3. groundedsettled Avatar

    Dude…first of all i am loving the beard. second great song! I would love a copy of the chords and lyrics to do with the youth group.

  4. klampert Avatar

    Russ: thanks man…and yeah mine is just attached to a chord. lol

    Allan: no problem bro…I’ll put that together

  5. Jon Lloyd Avatar

    Joel, we bearded brothers need to stick together. Love the song by the way.

  6. klampert Avatar

    Jon…man are you right…facial hair bonds us. lol

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