St. Michael’s Set List 11/25/07

Before the Throne Of God Above – D

We Praise Your Name – D (Klamperts)

Say So – G (Israel Houghton)
Holy is the Lord – G (Tomlin)
Hallelujah love Song – G (Klampert, Hanlon)

Open the Eyes of my heart- E (Baloche)

Remedy – E (David Crowder Band)

Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

By Your Grace – C (Klampert)
Nothing Without You – C (Bebo Norman)

Never Let Go – A – (Matt Redman)


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  1. Darren Avatar

    Church of the Holy Spirit
    Stephens City VA

    Set List for the feast of Christ the King

    Pre-Processional: I’m Trading My Sorrows

    Processional: O Worship the King

    Gradual: Awesome God

    To Him Who Sits on the Throne – Debbye Graafsma – A
    Shout to the Lord – Darlene Zsech – A
    All the Earth Shall Worship – Carl Tuttle – C

    Offertory: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

    Communion: Spirit of the Living God – Daniel Iverson

    Recessional: Lead On, O King Eternal

    A fun set. I really like “Shout to the Lord,” but it’s difficult finding a good key to do it in. A is really too low for me, but Bb (my preference) is too difficult for my guitarist, and B is too high for much of the congregation.

  2. Scottie Avatar

    Man, “you Episcopals” are doing a LOT of songs on Sundays!! You making “us Vineyard people” looking like slackers.


    Seriously, though, how often do you guys rehearse to 12 songs? That is a lot of music. How long are your services?

    Just curious. We do five songs during praise and worship, and one song during our ministry time at the end of the service.

    Thanks for posting….

    Set List – Live Oak Vineyard, Arcadia, CA

    —–Praise & Worship———-
    1) Awesome God (Your Voice) / Vineyard Music UK
    2) All Hail Jesus / Vineyard Music UK
    3) Pour Out My Heart / Vineyard Music USA
    4) Merciful God / Vinyeard Music USA
    5) Glory To God / Brenton Brown/Terry Butler/VMUSA
    ——Prayer Ministry Time——-
    6) Your Name / Baloche

  3. Scottie Avatar


    Have you thought of drawing up a “CAPO VERSION’ of a chart in Bb for your guitarist?

    Do a chart as “CAPO 3”, the first chord would be “G” on the chart, which would effectively be a Bb on the guitar.

    Transpose the rest of the song up 3 semi-tones, and there you go!

    Just a suggestion. Some purists can’t stand to use a capo, but I think some songs just sound better playing open chords with a capo than they do with bar chords.

  4. Scottie Avatar

    Sorry, I meant to say to transpose DOWN three semi-tones.

  5. Fr. James Grace Avatar
    Fr. James Grace

    Joel –

    My name is Fr. James – I’m the worship leader at Holy Redeemer (CEC) out in Rochester Hills, MI.

    First – wanted to say thanks for hosting/maintaining/operating this site – I’ve used it several times to get ideas for new music to introduce out here.

    Second – do you have any thoughts for Advent? I’m always at a loss for what to do during this season. There is a lot of good “solo” material for Advent – soft and contemplative songs about the incarnation – but not a lot to choose from for congregational stuff. What do you guys do?

    Here is my list so far for 1st Sunday of Advent: (Don’t judge me too harshly for doing some old stuff – actually new to our congreation…)

    PRELUDE: Lord Reign In Me

    PROCESSIONAL: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

    KYRIE: Merkel (“Jesus I’ve Forgotten”) (

    GLORIA: None

    GRADUAL: Oh Come, Oh Come, Emanuel

    PRAISE SET: Holy, Holy, Holy (Oliver)
    Glory in the Highest
    How Great is Our God


    SANCTUS: Haugen


    AGNUS DEI: Spoken
    CLOSING: Psalm 100

  6. Darren Avatar

    Fr. James:

    If you will send your email address to darren -at- hslda -dot- org, I will send you the songsets we’re doing for Advent.

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