Uh….it’s not what you think

I know this doesn’t look good….well actually it really doesn’t. What are they looking for? YIKES!


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  1. rob singleton Avatar

    Great post and blog.

    I love this blog design! I use wordpress as well, and had someone design mine, but right about now (looking at yours) I feel like the girl going to the prom wearing the drapes her mom altered into a dress!

    Is that picture in today’s post a screen shot from “sitemeter?” I have that as well and think that would be an awesome thing to show my readers so that they can see how many folks from around the world are reading the blog.

    Listen, I see that you have a lot of worship sites on your blogroll, and I have another one if you’re interested…

    http://www.returnworship.com Check it out! Our church has 5 awesome worship bands and one of them even just won the Charlotte, NC “Battle of the Bands” (Christian Bands) last week. Anyway, their desire is to glorify God in their worship and lead people into authentic worship. They really aren’t in it to elevate themselves. We’re all just constantly seeking ways to get more access to the culture so we can reach more and more people.

    Maybe you’d be willing to put a link in (exchange) for them and me as well (www.robsingleton.net). I do it for around 5 or 6 people a week for blogs that are related in content and seek the same end.

    Anyway, whether you do or not, I love what you’re doing!

    Keep it up!

    Pastor Rob Singleton

  2. worshipcity Avatar

    Man, I’m seeing this globe pic pop up on a couple different sites. Is this the premier way of keeping tabs on who’s visiting? What is it?

  3. klampert Avatar

    Pastor Rob…thanks for dropping by…Ill be sure to check out your blog and the worship band…and add some links….

    Connor: check it out here. http://whos.amung.us/ its free and oh so fun…

  4. erzsi1113 Avatar

    I don’t consider myself a particularly stupid person but I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you have people from Moscow looking at your site?

  5. klampert Avatar

    yeah thats true…but this isnt just moscow…its the russion federation…thats interesting for sure

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