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Oct was a great month with almost 8,000 hits…

here are the top 20 posts for Oct: if you missed some..go back and check them out

“My King” – Dr. S.M. Lockridge1,093

Top Worship Lyrics524

David Crowder – Remedy Review268

Hillsong United – All of the Above (Revi249

Worship Master List217

Hmm…Reviews, updates, Faith!182

CECWorship Confessional 10/07/07140

Ultimate Music Links132

CECWorship Baby!-Confessional 10/28/07122


St. Michael’s Set List 10/21/0792

Top 25 songs Aug 200787

CECWorship Image-fessional87

About 86

“CHIA” pets…making a comeback82


St. Michael’s Set List 10/07/0772

Brian Doerksen Holy God63

CECWorship Stickfessional55

What the wednesday53


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