St. Michael’s Set List 10/21/07

Come now is the time – D (Doerksen)
Time to Worship – C#m (Klampert, Theis) ALT

We Praise Your Name – D (Klamperts)

Your Grace is enough – G (Maher,Tomlin)
You Amaze Me – G (Michael Neale)
Potter’s Hand– G (Hillsongs)

Open the Eyes of my heart- E (Baloche)

Nothing Without You – C (Bebo Norman)
Maybe a surprise ALT song

Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

We Fall Down – E (Chris Tomlin)
Center– E (Charlie Hall)

Let the Praises Ring – E (Lincoln Brewster)


8 responses to “St. Michael’s Set List 10/21/07”

  1. joannmski Avatar

    Hey Joel, do you have the words to “I Will Dance” by Deacon Brett Crompton? Was done at the 2002 Gathering of Champions Laudate get together?

    Trying to find them for tomorrow morning…thanks 🙂

  2. joannmski Avatar

    Never mind, we “estimated” it.

  3. erzsi1113 Avatar

    My favorite part, as it often is, was the Recessional this morning. I feel the funky/bluesy sounds coming on — LOVE IT!!!! It’s an awesome way to end the service.

  4. drewjpowell Avatar

    this is a great mix of music. do you do all of this in one service?

  5. klampert Avatar

    Joannmski: i actual do have that somewhere….how was your service?

    Liz: yeah I love rockin out in the recessional…and I think what we do with let the praises ring is cooler than the original.

    Drew: thanks man…we do it all in a 1.5 hour service…some of the music is within communion.

  6. joannmski Avatar

    Well, this is what we went with. Is it right?

    I Will Dance

    I will dance
    Under the Son,
    Yes I will
    I will dance
    Under the Son

    Cause me to know Your ways
    Cause me to seek Your face
    Help me to do Your will
    You are my God

  7. klampert Avatar

    thats it all right./.
    id love to see what songs you guys are doing each week..

  8. Darren Avatar

    Church of the Holy Spirit
    Stephens City, VA

    Abba Father, Send Your Spirit

    Crown Him with Many Crowns

    Holy Ground

    Your Praise Will Never Cease
    I Stand in Awe
    Jude Doxology
    You are my All in All

    God and Man at Table are Sat Down

    Holy, Holy, Holy

    The pre-processional was a song that I’d never heard before. Very simple words:
    Abba Father, Send Your Spirit, Glory Jesus Christ, Glory, alleluia, Jesus Christ; Glory, alleluia, Jesus Christ. Music not to my taste, but very easy to learn.

    For the processional, I did some syncopated rhythm rather than just a straight beat. It added to the effectiveness, I think.

    The praise set went really well except for the last song, which is done in a round format. Unfortunately, the other lead singer and I did not communicate well, so we ended up trying to sing different verses at a time when we were supposed to be singing unison. Oh, well.

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