Friday Reviews: TV Shows

Here are the sought after friday reviews…This weeks focus…My TV habit (fall season)

1. I Hate My 30’s – are you between age 25-35….THEN WATCH THIS….it is only 8 episodes and you can watch it online at the V-spot, Disclaimer: one of the funniest shows ever. A little crude. bring a change of pants!

2. Heroes – My wife and I finally caught up via DVD and we are hooked…what a brilliant show…It is almost as good as Lost

3. Top Chef – This season just ended, but wow was it killer…I love cutthroat cooks!

4. Last One Standing – A new reality show…and let me tell you this is for the men…and the women who could handle watching 300. These guys are insane. They go from tribe to tribe (Africa, South america, etc) and compete with the warriors…amazing

5. Mythbusters – Ok it’s like 7000 seasons…well seems like it. and they are still going strong…This is my #1 nerd show to watch. I love science..for that matter go look up the show braniac

6. Cashcab –  Game show in a car…what could be better…

7. Attack of the Show –  Another nerd show…gaming (not my thing), technology, computers..yum

My other favorites: Survivor, Amazing Race, LOST, Project Runway, Pimp my Ride, Made

So are you guys watching any of these? have you checked out I hate my 30’s?


10 responses to “Friday Reviews: TV Shows”

  1. jaybrams Avatar

    I’ll have to check out “I hate my 30s” soon… other than that, i dont really watch tv other than sports, and even that isn’t as often as it could be.

    However, when I do watch, I like Build It Bigger… NOT “Really Big Things”, which isn’t nearly as good. And we did watch a season of Top Chef once. It was pretty addicting.

  2. worshipguitarist Avatar

    I just got my wife caught up on Heroes. The first season was great, but the new season isn’t really doing it for me so far. I’ll stick with it unless it really goes downhill.

  3. worshipcity Avatar

    How did you not even mention the funniest show on TV??? The Office!

    Dude, I am SO with you on Last One Standing. I’ve been debating on how to bring it up! And yes, my wife watches it with me! I’m a lucking man. This week’s was a bit weak but next week’s looks crazy! KICK FIGHTING.
    It’s crazy b/c as excited as I am about finding that show, I’m stoked for this seasons Project Runway! Can I say that here? Is this a safe place to admit that? If not, oh well 🙂

    I’ll have to check out I Hate My 30s.

  4. tam Avatar

    I agree, The Office is hilarious! One of our favorites when we can catch it.

    Myth Busters! Such a cool show! Something for the whole family too…

  5. worshipcity Avatar

    Yeah I grazed over Myth Busters. It is one of the greats as well! Doesn’t even matter if its a rerun!

  6. Rich Avatar

    Hi Joel,

    I agree, Heroes is way cool, though I have missed several shows. Though show to catch up on. Mythbusters is always interesting. Have you seen the new bionic woman?? An updated version of the 70’s tv show


  7. klampert Avatar

    I havent watched it yet actually…I do have all the episodes taped to watch it

  8. erzsi1113 Avatar

    I adore Top Chef — This last season was the best yet! I was pulling for Casey and was sad she so significantly bombed the final meal.

    Replacing it on Bravo is another reality favorite of mine — Project Runway. I am so not into fashion (in case that wasn’t glaringly obvious to anyone who has ever seen me dress) but I love the creativity and drama of it all.

    And — hello?!? — where is The Office on this list??

  9. klampert Avatar

    i know i know…I would love office…sadly I missed it when it started and just havent had the _______ to start up on it…

    This last top chef was amazing…

    and I cant wait for the next last one standing…

  10. gowrisankar Avatar

    this last top chef was amazing in axn tv

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