What the wednesday

Oh yeah baby…can it get any better then WHAT THE WEDNESDAY?

can it? …..I didn’t think so!

1. Raise your elbow in worship…wickedly funny video

2.  Andrew Peterson…just found this guy on VIRB and his music is awesome…like a modern paul simon…go check him out… his sitehis Virb

3.  New book out Deadly Viper Character Assassins im gonna buy it…go check it out

4.  go preorder an autographed copy of sara groves new CD

5.  well Im on VIRB and love it (CHECK OUT MY ORIGINAL WORHSIP ON THERE) …it rocks…go check me out and sign up…recently i signed up with facebook and hate it but considering its the “wave” of the future…I am on it…But go to VIRB!

6.  A new profile based worship community. SONG DISCOVERY COMMUNITY…works right now for subscribers to magazine…open to public soon…sign up…check me out






12 responses to “What the wednesday”

  1. Jeremy Killian Avatar

    Have you raised your elbow in worship today?

  2. klampert Avatar

    not today but i will make a point of it Sunday…lol be prepared if i say worship went horribly wrong sunday because I laughed through every song. lol

  3. Paul J. Avatar

    Well, if you raise your hands correctly in the biblically accepted manner, doesn’t your elbow follow along? Just wondering… 😉

  4. drewjpowell Avatar

    bro, andrew peterson is great. good stuff man.

  5. Jaybrams Avatar

    i cannot bring myself to join yet another networking site just yet… although, it is much crisper than myspace or facebook… perhaps if i’m ever gutsy enough to put my music out there for the masses…

    until then…

  6. klampert Avatar

    oh dude…just join…and be my friend…i need friends. 🙁

  7. klampert Avatar

    drew…thanks for stopping by…Im gonna have to get his CD’s never heard of him till today…amazing sound

  8. Chris Avatar

    Andrew Peterson is incredible.

    Go find his Christmas album “Behold The Lamb Of God” and dig up his first record that has “Carried Along” on it. Amazing music.

  9. worship1 Avatar

    Love Andrew Peterson. Found him about 4 months ago. So moving and well written. I plan on using some his Behold the lamb stuff for our easter and christmas services next year. He’s got the whole package for it. So great!



  10. frdave Avatar

    Andrew Peterson is awesome. I love this guy.

    Just to let you know, I officially ban elbow worship from our service. Our people are just not ready for worship of such magnitude and it might cause some to stumble.

  11. cathy bates Avatar
    cathy bates

    Congradulations! I never go out on the blog…any blog…but I saw you had one and read you had another son. Im happy for you all. Blessings in abundance…Mrs. B

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