CECWorship Stickfessional

So Last week there was a little contrversy. Who started the term textfessional? some say it was Jeremy..othes say connor…and some still say I did.
I was thinking about it and decided I didnt worry about it much but I don’t want to be known as a non-innovator.

So without further ado….here is the first ever STICK-FESSIONAL. Crude as it may be…it’s never been done…somethings take time

SIDE NOTE: first panel says “hmm where is everybody…They all seemed to come late..because the place kept filling up even after first few songs.

Great set this week. the congregation was really into it. I think things are really changing in the quality of our worship. Idont mean with guitars, I mean spiritually. It was a tough morning with screaming kids etc. and it was another week I had to be in the church. This weeks struggle with just having theability to focus on something other than life. I think it was During Center where I just stood there and focused on HIM.

Oh course we did you amaze me. That song is brilliant. and So is nothing without you. If you read all the lyrics the the songs…I is plain to see that God was trying to teach us to keep our minds on Him…to focus our attention and our being to him.


18 responses to “CECWorship Stickfessional”

  1. joannmski Avatar

    I always enjoy the textfessional. But this was way fabulous. Love it!!

  2. Billy Chia Avatar

    I like the art style as well.

  3. joymark Avatar


    Remember folks, you saw it here first.

  4. mudpuppy Avatar

    Better than expected!! Sweet work!

  5. worshipcity Avatar

    INCREDIBLE!! I love it!

  6. frdave Avatar

    You amaze me!

  7. Ben Avatar

    I’m truly diggin the stickfessional. Very innovative. Thinking about doing Center…you may just have convinced me to push it up on the learnlist.

  8. klampert Avatar

    To all…the stickfessional…is the way of the future…well that is till next week…when the next dog and pony show is posted…

    Im glad you guys liked it…

    BEN: center is an amazing song and the congregation just loves it. Do yourself a favor though and buy michael neale’s CD no greater Audience…it is brilliant

  9. David Avatar

    Yeah…the Stickfessional is the way to go, Joel. Very nice. Love the style, too.

  10. Bridget Avatar

    I LOVE your cartoon!!!! WONDERFUL!

  11. Shauna Avatar

    Hehe! Good one! Too bad I missed out on the song we didn’t know 😉

  12. klampert Avatar

    alright shauna….great to see that you got on here….dont be a stranger….:)

  13. Los Avatar

    Oh my fessional children. Well done.

  14. klampert Avatar

    ha ha…welcome Los…I think this is your first time here (OH GODFATHER OF ALL THINGS FESSIONAL)

  15. jaybrams Avatar

    for the record, these really aren’t stick figures…

    either that or i really need to work on my stick figures.

  16. klampert Avatar

    hmmm….good point…

    sorry for the false advertising. lol

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