120 hits away from 50,000 CONTEST

In honor of all those who read this blog…and have brought it to almost 50,000 hits.

here is the deal. comment on the site today and tell me in your comment what the hit counter says. Make sure they are contributing Comments…feel free to go back to some old posts…maybe read something you had not before…

let me know what the hits were when you made the comment. Closest person to 50k mark…gets a prize. make sure your your user name or whatever makes it so I can email you as well. GET ON IT FOLKS…





8 responses to “120 hits away from 50,000 CONTEST”

  1. superman1224 Avatar

    oooooo contests I like ’em!

  2. Jaybrams Avatar

    I never win anything dang it! (49,890 hits)

  3. mudpuppy Avatar

    I’ll hit 80k myself later today. I love milestones!


  4. Lori Avatar

    49,966…maybe I’ll check back in a little while!

  5. fmckinnon Avatar

    49,984 and counting

  6. Jaybrams Avatar

    i had 49987 then…. BAM

    50,005 hits

    dang, who beat me?

  7. Gabe Avatar

    50,0005 WOO HOO!

  8. Jaybrams Avatar

    can anyone say “hanging chad” … revote at 100k

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