St. Michael’s Set List 10/07/07

Did You feel the mountains tremble – C (Martin Smith)

We Praise Your Name – C (Klamperts)

More than Ever – D (Robbie Reider)
Let the Praises Ring – E (Lincoln Brewster)
All we need – E (Charlie Hall)
Center – E (Charlie Hall) ALTERNATE SONG

Ancient Words- E

Bless His Name – A (Tony Sanchez)

Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Klampert)

Invitation Fountain – G (Vineyard)
O Praise Him – G (David Crowder)

My Redeemer Lives – E (Reuben Morgan)
Marvelous Light -A (Charlie Hall) ALTERNATE SONG


6 responses to “St. Michael’s Set List 10/07/07”

  1. inWorship Avatar

    Invitation Fountain is one of our favorites. good set!

  2. klampert Avatar

    yeah me too brent…check out the confessional this week…
    and thanks

  3. mjdaniel Avatar

    Thanks for adding us to your blog roll. I’ve had you in my feed for over a month now and hadn’t realized that I haven’t added you to the blog roll yet…but you’re there now! I took my wife (our acoustic player) to your blog last week and showed her your set lists…wow…quite lengthy. How much time do you guys spend in rehearsal and how much time do you spend in worship ever weekend? Also, I see you repeat many songs on multiple occasions, do you change your arrangements along the way?

  4. klampert Avatar

    hey man…thanks for stopping by… glad Ive been in the reader and well…that your reading…

    as far as our service…the only songs that get repeated are the liturgical order of service songs.. We do a gloria before our praise is always a gloria but the tune switches up. We do before our Gospel reading some song to prepare our hearts to hear the word, but usually ony 1 vs…and 1 chorus…
    During communion we do a sanctus which is basically les then 1 minute and a mystery of faith..singing christ has died christ has risen christ will come again. that is wicked short.
    the rest of the songs change weekly..
    those songs are in the main order of service and can be sung or said..I just prefer sung.
    Our service is 1hour 30 min. long. we do an opening song…and then into prayers and then our main worship section which is around 20 min. Offering I do a song to prepare our hearts for communion like “lead me to the cross” or sweetly broken”. and during communion 2 songs or till communion is over.
    and then end with an upbeat go out into the world kinda song.

    we rehearse every other week for 2 hours…on the opposite weeks we are doing a worship team fellowship and bible study get together.
    I love to switch up songs…go acoustic..go electric…use capos or tempo changes also

  5. Darren Avatar

    Church of the Holy Spirit
    Stephens City, VA

    Pre-Processional: I Will Call Upon the Lord

    All People that on Earth Do Dwell – G – William Kethe

    Holy Ground

    More Love, More Power – Gm – Jude del Hierro
    All the Earth Shall Worship – C – Carl Tuttle
    Come, Now is the Time to Worship – D – Brian Doerksen

    It is Well With My Soul – C – Horatio Spafford
    When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – Dm – Isaac Watts

    A weird Sunday, because (1) I miscounted the number of bulletin inserts we would need to sing the song I actually wanted to sing instead of “More Love,” and (2) there was no recessional, because someone fainted at the altar rail (dehydration), so the priest just dismissed us with a blessing.

    Hit counter at 49,987.

  6. klampert Avatar

    Darren: wow i will call upon the Lord…havent seen that one in a long time…

    I always loved holy ground.

    great to see the chords in there as well.

    I love it is well…Shane and Shane do a brilliant version of it.

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