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This is a new weekly section. expect oddball stuff, killer resources, sweet blogs, interesting news. Let the fun begin.

  1. Jon over at Lifemusicministry has started a series on worship leading essentials
  2. UnChristian – new book just came out on monday. looks like a must read
  3. Phil Keaggy makes #25 most underrated guitarists. I personally would name him #2 behind Prince
  4. Mudpuppy announces name your own price on new radiohead CD.
  5. cool news…the worship master list available on this site (which i hope to have updated next week) has had 1700 views/downloads make sure you check out the updated version next week. It includes all the songs we are doing, the key, and what CD they are from
  6. Youversion – Beta is open. It is an online bible and community . Check out what it can do their blog.
  7. A late addition to this is something found in the liner notes of the new crowder CD…call it an easter egg…click here


11 responses to “What the wednesday”

  1. Paul J. Avatar

    Were you #26? That’s so not fair.

  2. klampert Avatar

    Paul I was #26…
    You would have been on the list but keytar doesnt qualify

  3. Paul J. Avatar

    That is ALSO not fair.

  4. klampert Avatar

    ha ha ha…yeah im with ya man..LONG LIVE THE KEYTAR!

  5. Will Hinton Avatar

    Joel: thought you might like to check out the interview I did with UnChristian co-author Gabe Lyons.


  6. klampert Avatar

    will…thanks for stopping by..Ill listen to it tonight. thanks for the heads up

  7. inWorship Avatar

    Hey Joel, I’ve been away for a while and have to catch up…

    I was out of town this weekend and bought UnChristian last week to take as a read. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Very convicting and at the same time affirming with who we are as followers of Christ.

    Now I a going to check out that link to the interview.

  8. klampert Avatar

    brent…welcome back man…
    i hope ya like everything ya missed…
    I cant wait to read it as well…
    by the way what are your thoughts on the dangerous act of worship.

  9. inWorship Avatar

    I’ve been taking like a chapter a week and really letting it soak in. I have been blown away by the way he is communicating things. I have heard a lot of the message before, but it sounds fresh to me. I will get the book done and then let you know what I think from there. My biggest thing is not walking away from a book like this and feeling a high. It’s not enough. I need to be changed by it. God’s truth is spoken and I need to be different because of it. This book is challenging me and my comfort zone…BIG time.

  10. Billy Chia Avatar

    The link for “UnChristian” takes me to Jon’s site. I’m pretty curious about it. When I first saw a YouTube video I thought they were being sarcastic, but I guess it’s for real.

  11. klampert Avatar

    brent: yeah that book blew my mind….

    billy: link fixed…thanks man

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