David Crowder – Remedy Review

I know I said Fridays will be my review day, but since this is my blog…

David Crowder Band – Remedy

I have seen a ton of reviews on this CD now. Some Good..Some not. Mine came a little later then expected because I pre-ordered it. I did however get a nifty remedy totebag and stickers that you might not have. So all in all worth it.

One of the most talked things is..Good CD, but it’s not A collision. Well that is a justified statement, but one for me that needs a little tag at the end of it. None of crowders CD’s are the same. Thats what I love about them. Crowder keeps reinventing himself and breaking new ground. This CD does just that.

I think I am different from your standard Crowder-head in that My favorite CD is sunsets & sushi. So I might be coming at this with a different perspective. A collision was brilliant and one of the best they have done, but I think this CD deserves mucho kudos as well.

Lets go down the list.

.1 glory of it all – We heard it first on passion 07 and everyone of us drooled. A brilliant song with amazing songwriting. This song is the answer to the A collision epic style. This would be the anthem song.

.2 can you feel it – So Picture this. Joel is in a club and the lights are flashing…the bass is pounding. I just finished my diet coke and I am ready to shake my groove thang. Doh! I don’t dance. If I did though this would be my song. I love this one. I love the nintendo 8 bit sound. It brings me right back to sunsets & Sushi, but this is actually singable. They do some great stuff with the loops and effects here.

.3 everything glorious –  Heard it on Passion “Everything Glorious”. This is a great reworking of that song.They brought new life to an already killer tune.

.4 neverending – This might be my favorite track on this CD. More of the 8 bit sounds and great little key melody. The lyrics are brilliant. I would be all over this song for church if it wasn’t so full of the la, la, la in chorus. but for listening it is awesome.

.5 never let go – This is the “come and listen” of the CD. Never let go seems to be a trend in lyrics. I love the song and love the soft feel. This one however could have been better. In the end of the song there is this build up…It gets louder and louder…and then..ugh… let down. It was really hurting for this out of nowhere killer rocking guitar solo with heavy delay ala edge from U2. That made the song probably my least favorite on the CD. It has all the workings for an epic, but falls a little short

.6 o for a thousand tongues – A new hymn rework. Crowder is brilliant at these and he doesn’t let us down here. It has a great celtic guitar/synth riff that carries through the song. The added chorus is great and really adds to the song. I expect to do this one in my services.

.7 rain down – Heard this one on his first CD before they were even the David Crowder Band. I loved it then and I love it more now. What a way to revitalize this song. I cannot wait to teach this rocking worship song to my church.

.8 we won’t be quiet – A cool loud song with really sweet vocal effects. Not much to say about this one other than I like it.

.9 remedy – This song for my lyrically is the best. It is just perfect. talking about we are broken and abused and He is the remedy. This song needs to be listened to everyday.

.10 surely we can change – I like this song as well..great lyrics again. Crowder has a way with words. and keeps it simple, but this one doesnt blow me away.

Conclusion: The CD is not the epic type like A collision. It is like Illuminate and Sunsets mashed together. There is some electronic meets emo in it and I love the feel. The thing I was most excited about with getting this CD was it’s claims to have tons of singable worship. I think it fell short of that claim. However it did not fall short of being a really killer CD. Go buy it if you don’t already have it.


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  1. mudpuppy Avatar

    Great review! Sunsets has been my favorite too, it was the first DCB album I owned even.

    ps. I like the new headers you’ve been using.

  2. klampert Avatar

    yeah man…sunsets…and I love the Lime cd as well..

    the headers are part of my reorganizing. glad ya like em

  3. UberTech Avatar

    great review…makes me want to go out to get the cd, right now

  4. saintlewis Avatar

    I like this one.
    Thought I liked individual songs from them, overall I didn’t like A Collision, Sunsets & Sushi, or B Collision…just a big ‘too weird’ for me. I like the ‘directness’ of this one, personally.

  5. worshipcity Avatar

    oo the Lime is one of my favorites too 🙂

    Great review. After a week’s listening the only thing I’ve found that has changed has been my feeling of “We Won’t Be Quiet.” At only a lil over 2 and half minutes I get the feeling that they had these wicked tracks of the nuge and weren’t sure what to do with it. That being said, I’m curious if it’ll be the next ‘crowd engager’ like “No One Like You”

  6. Lori Avatar

    Should-a, whould-a, could-a had them stickers! Oh well. Guess I’d better at least check out iTunes…..

  7. Sean Avatar

    I’d agree with you, that Crowder and his band a bit of a theme with each CD….ALL unique and ALL WONDERFUL. There isn’t a song or a CD I’ve disliked. Sure, I have my favorites, but I guess I don’t have a critics’ mentallity at all when it comes to this band. (I couldn’t say that for just any band either..or any other bands)
    There’s times I want to hear just some fast songs, and other times something different. I love that there’s a variety…..Love the hymms too!
    I can’t help but want to defend, “Never Let Go”…I really enjoy “Neverending” as well and like I said before, I think each song has its’ “time and place”…I imagine there’ll be days it’ll fit the moment for alot of people.

  8. klampert Avatar

    Shannon: yeah u and I are on the same page here

    Conner: My kids wont stop singing we wont be quiet. lol.

    Lori: u snoozed…u loozed. lol

    Sean: I totally agree..and I do like never let go…I just wish it culminated in a guitar solo in the end more with “the choir” kinda feel

  9. jasondeuman Avatar

    Great review. Sweet blog as well, very sharp.

    Personally my favorite DCB album thus far is A Collision. I thought the whole theme was brilliant. I am diggin’ remedy more and more as I listen to it.

  10. klampert Avatar

    Thanks jason…and thanks for coming by…

    A collision was amazing but I think every song on there was like its own CD…not in length but the epic-ness of them…this one to me is a little more together…

    but ultimately…everything they do is amazing

  11. Chris Martin Avatar

    This album is growing on me now that I’ve listened to it for the 11th time. Thanks for the review. I agree.

  12. Lori Avatar

    K…so I downloaded it, burned it, and have been listening to it. Admittedly, I’ve been listening at the wrong time. When you’re really tired and just need to go to sleep, putting the ear buds in upon going to bed is the wrong thing to do. I listened to it this morning driving to work and track 10 really touched me. Maybe it’s where I am right now but that song just really grabbed me. Maybe it’s the simplicity; it’s not a new message and not even a new way to deliver that message. Sometimes, a different voice singing a different tune delivers the message to an ear that refuses to hear other voices. My prayer today is one for grace, serinity, courage, relief and change…not just for me but for those around me.

  13. klampert Avatar

    truth is Lori there is nothing new under the sun…Under the SON however there is…and he makes all things new

  14. quang vu Avatar
    quang vu

    i heard david perform never let go this past weekend and it blew me away. the buildup played live is everything you expected the produced version to be but wasn’t. im still singing it now.

  15. joey konieczny Avatar
    joey konieczny

    just happened to come across this site when i was lookin to see how people felt about the new crowder album. I agree with most of the review except for the last 2 songs. I think those were the climax of the album, and the entire point of the built up anticipation. Glory of it all and everything glorious are probably the best overall songs on the album and i think the reason he released those early is because they weren’t necissarily the point behind the remedy concept, which is found in the last 2 songs. Remedy–> we’re broken and He came to save us, He’s the remedy and He’s in us = we bring remedy!! the fact that Christ is the remedy to us being broken is generally understood and over-preached. the fact that we are the hands of Christ bringing change is what DC is gettin at here. “be the change you want to see in the world.” surely we can change–>hope song here. again, we bring the change and the remedy as Christ compels us. im out

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