CECWorship Confessional 9/30/07

Great set this week.

This was a really cool service because in the middle of it we had a renewing of vows ceremony for an awesome couple in our church. This is a couple who not only got to renew their vows but got to dedicate their marriage to the King. Gotta love that!

So we opened this week with All creatures of Our God and King. This has to be one of my top 5 favorite hymns. I love it. We did it crowder style of course.
Then we had prayers and went into our gloria in a lower key to be a ble to transition better into the raucous Dancing Generation. This song gets the church pumped up and people hopping around. It is very cool to see people get into God like that.
After that we did some changes to the original list going into Friend of God and Holy God (doerksen). Holy God to me is one of the top worship songs out there. It comes from Doerksens last CD and it hits me every time.

Then You Amaze me by Michael Neale. Another top 5 for me. His stuff is brilliant and that song is so powerful.

I’ll skip the rest…and just say that the service was very worshipful and awesome because we were worshiping A God who puts together marriages and keeps them together.

Last song. My redeemer lives. I decided to funk it up a bit with bluesy 7th chords and my les paul with a bit of grit. The result…great fun.

Cya next week


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  1. Lori Avatar


  2. stephen Avatar

    Good stuff, man. We also did a little Crowder rendition of “All Creatures” yesterday. Great song. Particularly just repeating (and belting out) “Alleluia” at the end.

    And I’m with you on the “My Redeemer Lives” with the 7th chords. Fun way to funk it up a bit.

    Glad to hear it was a great service for you guys! We’re down in Connecticut, it’d be fun to hop up to RI some time and check you out!

  3. klampert Avatar

    stephen…that would be awesome…we would love to have you…

  4. MommaBlogger Avatar

    We also did All Creatures yesterday. Must’ve been the day for it 🙂

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