Remedy is Here

Well finally it showed up. My preorder of Remedy (DCB) from the Crowder site.

What goodies did it have different then the signed version from

A Crowder totebag and 3 stickers. Was it worth it? Some might say no, but truth is I now have a remedy totebag. And while I will never use it because I am not a tote kinda guy, it still rocks.

Stay tuned for my review.


5 responses to “Remedy is Here”

  1. Aaron Avatar

    You will love it! “Surely we can change” just inspires me. The entire CD is amazing.

  2. worshipcity Avatar

    I couldn’t decide whether to preorder it from Crowder or Independent Bands, I went with Independent Bands boasting of the autographed cover…now I’m sad…I would have rather the tote and stickers!!!

    Hope you like 8 bit Nintendo sounds 🙂 Can’t wait for the review!

  3. Lori Avatar

    You say your not a tote kinda guy, but with that baby coming you never know what you’ll need…and what better tote for the new one?

  4. Sean Avatar

    The CD is wonderful! I beleive the dynamic of all 6 guys is as amazing as ever….continually impressed.
    That was a nice suprise getting the stickers and tote bag.(my wife likes the tote for grocery shopping.

  5. klampert Avatar

    Sean: thanks for stopping by…yeah the tote is pretty cool indeed….See my review on todays posts. keep saying hi buddy

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