Help me have a “most innovative church”


Outreach took submissions for most innovative churches recently. I decided to submit my church because I am really excited about how innovative it is in it’s blending of old and new. With that said I took a look at the list today on squidoo and there we were.

They have a panel of judges checking the sites out but if you sign up on squidoo which takes..oh 3 sec. you can click the arrow next to my church name and vote to move it up the list.

I don’t know if it has bearing on the voting but Anybody who reads this blog:

go to Squidoo page and sign up then help move my church up the ladder. I would love to see it in the top20. That would be really cool.

let me know in the comments if you voted. SO GO VOTE! thanks.

sidenote: this is just for the sake of fun





7 responses to “Help me have a “most innovative church””

  1. Lori Avatar


  2. Chris Avatar

    This is my issue about these lists – it just becomes a “who can get more votes” thing rather than looking at the impact and effectiveness of the ministry that the “innovative” churches are doing.

    I’m not saying that you guys AREN’T innovative – I’m just not sure that putting all the names on a list and getting people to vote for them will be the best way to uncover innovative ministry.

    Know what I’m saying?

  3. klampert Avatar

    actually chris I totally agree.

    depends on definition of innovative etc etc. me personally I think that technology plays a huge key in the innovation of a church. In the same token doing something that sets you apart is innovative as well. which is what we are doing.

    What it comes down to is this. the panel will vote and we all know who will be on the top of the list. I just think it would be cool to see my church of 100 people pass sadleback on squidoo. lol. pure fun really.

  4. erzsi1113 Avatar

    I voted — We’re up to #39!

  5. klampert Avatar

    come on people…wheres the love .lol

  6. mudpuppy Avatar

    Hug me. I voted today! 🙂

  7. klampert Avatar

    consider it done…
    I asked Jason to hug ya

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