Act Your Age?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and finding that I have more to say on life for this blog then just showing the millions of readers cool resources. So here goes.

A funny thing has been coming into my brain lately..It has been spurred on by the many times I am around other adults and people my age. Usually it is when I am standing waiting for my son to come out of school, when we are at Navy, when I am waiting for my boy to finish his karate class, and most of all at guitar center(MECCA). This phenomenon is trying to find where I fit in. I am 30 years old prematurely bald and greying. I am married to a beautiful wickedly smart woman who does occupational therapy, a field where I could not survive on account of my lack of smartieness. I have 2 boys and one on the way. Why did I tell you that…well it’s because I don’t feel my age.

So there I am at my kids school with the other parents. They are in their BMW’s and wicked pricey cars, wearing pretty nice clothes and living the life and look of a normal adult. Me…well I’m in carpenter jeans from old navy, sneakers, a hat that says Sugar Daddy and a Tshirt with Spiderman on the front.ย  For Christmas this past year every present I got on the box said for 5 and under. I have my Optimus Prime sitting on my desk right next to my batman and gandolf. I have guitars and one is decked out in tribal stickers. I still love skulls and all things rock n roll. and my kids sit with me and watch steve vai and guitar festival videos.

There is more I can go into, but the reality is this. I am a gen x’r and love every minute of it, but I am also moving quite fine into the ipod generation…the funny thing is this doesnt help me act my “Age”

How old are you…acting?


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  2. inWorship Avatar

    “Sugar Daddy” LOL!!!!

    Alright, I am so with you on this. I am going to be 36 this year and I would rather hang out with 20 year olds than 40 year olds. I have more youth friends than I do adult friends(Maybe this is why I always act so immature on Mandy’s blog :)). I also know that I love technology and maybe that interest allows me to stay connected to younger generations.

    There is nothing better than hanging with your kids and actually relating to them, even it is just a little bit.

  3. superman1224 Avatar

    Rock on brother. I’m only 25 but I am guilty of 90% of the things you do and wear. I don’t see myself changing in 4 1/2 years either. In fact I pride myself on being a little younger acting. Don’t change a thing my man. You’re awesome.

  4. dantheman1969 Avatar

    You are only as old as you feel. As for me I would rather relate to my kid than to some of the “grownups” I know.

    I have a R2-D2 memo pad holder on my desk.


  5. klampert Avatar

    Brent: you are totally dead on man…I love being in tune with the “now” and a little of the old

    Jason: thanks bro

    Dan: hey man…thanks for the comment…oh and I want a Jem guitar and a r2-d2 memo pad holder

  6. mudpuppy Avatar

    I look grown up most of the time because this monkey suit I’m required to wear, but on my down time I’m still stuck in the 80’s.

    And whenever Jason gets his act together and brings me that Mongoose w/ pegs he’s been promising me, I’ll be acting even younger!!

  7. worshipcity Avatar

    Mongoose with pegs! I had a Redline with pegs ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, “the Reunion” this weekend had me thinking the same thing as I showed up with hair down past my chin, Toms Shoes, LSU shirt in the style of a John Deere logo, and khaki shorts in the midst of Polos, Dockers, tucked in shirts and brown “nice” casual shoes. Just didn’t feel right!

  8. klampert Avatar

    Mud and Conner:
    oh man…crazy…lets see…back in the day I was really into skating and biking…I had a santa Cruz board with bones wheels. killer…it was yellow with a broken clock..
    and my bike was a freestyle mongoose all white with red tires and grips and huge pegs.
    Ha ha ha…wild stuff mud

  9. ig Avatar

    Great post! LOL. I am 33, and act about 16, sometimes 14. I too go to my girls’ day care and feel like a 12 year old in front of other parents who are actually “younger” than I am. I am always convinced that they think I am a goof ball because I take days off just to go to day care and do guitar circle with the kids, or because when we drop off my girls in the morning I may sit down at the kids breakfast table and take some of their waffles, or because I actually get on my knees and tell them how cool their backpack are…I can go on and on.

    I fly in a corporate jet with a Fortune 500 CEO, sitting right next to him, and I feel 16 years old because I am thinking of what song I want to learn on guitar when I get back home, or how I need to get some freakin’ awesome gigs for the fall and maybe should start thinking about bleaching my hair…



  10. klampert Avatar

    ig: its great to have immature friends like you buddy.
    by the way did you see the Christian guitar pedals?

  11. El Santo Avatar

    Hey, man… I’m 31, I have a 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime sitting at my work desk flanked by two movie Transformers, and for our recent vacation I get my girlfriend and myself retro Transformers shirts to wear while vacationing in San Francisco.

    I also drive a nice new Chrysler, and I’m one of the few people who dresses up in a nice tie and suit at work.

    So it’s kinda cool to have it both ways. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Darren Avatar

    Hmmm, let’s see how different I can get this from all the other posters ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m 33. In the past year, I’ve had two different people look shocked when I tell them that – they both thought I was about 40. Most of my friends are older than I am. I tend to wear dockers over jeans, at least when I’m out of the house. The toys on my desk…well, I don’t really have any toys on my desk; it’s too filled up with legal training CDs that I haven’t had time to watch, and other work-related stuff.

    My reading list varies wildly between mature and juvenile – I read almost exclusively fantasy and theology.

    So I’m guessing I act about 40, and loving life. I wouldn’t go back to my 20s if you paid me!

  13. ig Avatar

    yes, i did see the pedals! really cool. i’m gonna have to see about getting me one of those…

    be kewl!


  14. Billy Chia Avatar

    Great post man. I wish I had a spider man t-shirt.

  15. tam Avatar

    Uuuhhh, inWorship…you will be 37 this year, NOT 36…sorry dude!

    I will be 37 and I don’t feel like it either…whatever 37 is suppose to feel like, couldn’t tell ya.

    My kids say I’m cool and say their friends think the same! I think that is pretty groovy man ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just love to laugh, have fun, be with the kids and inWorship (the biggest of all the kids)

  16. inWorship Avatar

    Sorry I mistyped…the truth is out!

  17. klampert Avatar

    ha…tam do you call him inworship at home as well? cus uh that would be odd.. lol

  18. tam Avatar

    No I don’t, but this is a clean Christian blog…

  19. klampert Avatar

    ok found my new favorite blog…thanks to russ.
    and a great font

  20. mudpuppy Avatar

    I was having fun in there as well!

  21. MommaBlogger Avatar

    It’s funny, my husband and I just had this conversation last night. My husband and I both feel like we fall in between a whole lot of generational gaps. We don’t fit in with our age peers, because we have tons of children and didn’t do college. We’re considered crazy for having 5 (+1), and homeschooling on top of it.

    We’re not (nor have we ever been) party animals in any sense, so we don’t fit in with the party group.

    We’re not “responsible adults” because we didn’t “wait” to have kids, or get the fancy cars or clothes or the big house before we had kids, so we don’t fit in with that group.

    We have some fairly old fashioned values, like kids should respect their elders, and pick up after themselves and do tons of chores (well, they think it’s tons), plus I stay home with the kids, so we don’t fall into the group of people that think I should be working while the kids are in school or daycare, just so we can have “more”.

    On top of all that, we play with our kids. Well, hubby gets down on the ground and teaches them wrestling, and teaches them guitar, and plays weird battle games with them (Battleground something or other, with little catapults that whip bits of plastic across the room). So we don’t fit in with the groups that don’t do that either.

    We just don’t seem to fit into any one category. But that’s okay. We’re still having fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. klampert Avatar

    ha ha…thats great…5 +1? that mean on e is adopted or one is on the way?

  23. AOGE Avatar

    Never grow up, Never grow up, Never grow up. Thats my creed, also why I got into the guitar effects biz. I get to keep hanging around the coolest group on the planet, the 16 to 24-yr olds. Loud rock music, with good clean living what else is there. Like I said, “Your only as young as the ones you hang around let you be”. I’m 48 play bass in a Christian rock band (the next oldest player is 20) and yes I have a bow flex body.
    Life is good in me 17-yr old brain (just wish the body would keep up).
    In Heaven we will all be young (I hope).

  24. MommaBlogger Avatar

    One on the way meaning one due in March. So that will make 6 for us. 4 boys, 1 girl, and one to be determined. Hopefully soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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